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Get Verified Mark Certificates

More awareness. More trust. With VMCs.

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) allow you to display your brand logo directly in email clients, leading to greater transparency and brand awareness in email communication.

Buy VMC online

Buy Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)

VMC is increasingly becoming a standard in our commercial world. This assurance is often delivered in visual form – blue checkmarks on accounts, trust elements in browser bars, or trust seals on websites.


Order confirmations, newsletters, surveys... VMCs show immediatly buyers and customers who the sender is.

Fashion & Retail

VMC strengthens trust in your brand with visual communication of your logo and boosts the opening rates.

Banking & Fintech

Scam and phishing have increased dramatically and is often undetectable. Stay ahead of scammers with VMC.

Logistics & Shipping

Phishing emails often use fake shipping information. Protect and strengthen your reputation with VMC.

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List of VMC's users in India

Verification is increasingly becoming a standard in our commercial world. This assurance is often delivered in visual form. 

With VMCs, branding starts in the inbox.

VMCs are currently supported by various providers like :

  • Gmail
  • yahoo!
  • Netscape
  • Gmail Android
  • iphone app
  • Netspace
  • AOL

BIMI is in the process of integrating and supporting more email service provider in coming time, Like :

  • AT Mail
  • BT
  • Comcast
  • Yahoo Japan


Currently Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 is not supported for VMCs.

VMC in India

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frequently asked questions

Netspace will assign you a VMC expert  who will help you submitte a SVG file, and received a PEM file in return.

Both files, retaining their original names, need to be placed on a publicly accessible server, and they need to be accessible via https: (note: http will result in error). 

Please note: the SVG that is hosted and referenced in your BIMI record must match, to the byte, the SVG file that was validated and is referenced in your PEM file. If there is a mismatch, the BIMI functionality will be inhibited.

There are a number of free and paid online tools to convert your logo into SVG Tiny PS format necessary for VMC certificates.

In addition, you can convert your logo to an SVG format using Adobe programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop. It is important that your logo is in a vector format

All sending domains need to be listed, but subdomains do not as they will be covered by the base domain.

For example, if you have 3 sending domains like, and, you only need to list in your request. You are free to list each subdomain if you like, but it is not necessary—and if you do list them, there will be a charge.

But if you are also sending from, then that should be listed because it’s a different domain.

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