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Nvidia Tesla V100 – Buy Now – The Most Powerful GPU In The World

Nvidia Tesla V100 is the most advanced GPU processor built to pace the AI, HPC, and graphics workload. It can create a revolution by solving most world's challenges and minimising scientists’ and researchers' work.
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nvidia tesla v100 - most powerful GPU

Have you ever thought about a processor that would help scientists encounter the most challenging from climate research to quantum physics problems?

And a processor that provides advanced design faculty for entertainment and commerce?

If you did, then it’s great! Because you have predicted the future in advance.

Now it is possible to tackle all the challenges with GPU.

The GPU processor is a key to build High Performing Computing (HPC).

The GPU computation uses both the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) to hasten general-purpose scientific and engineering applications.

In order to pace up the application, the intense load portion of it will be controlled by the GPU, whereas the remaining part will be running on the CPU.

Moreover, it has made the modern HPC data centres solve some of the most significant hurdles the world is facing today and is still helping.

In that case, the most advanced data centre GPU ever built is Nvidia tesla v100, which is powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture.

Nvidia Tesla V100 provides the power and performance of 100 CPUs in a single GPU and minimizes the work of data scientists, engineers, and researchers in optimizing memory usage to focus more on developing breakthrough AI innovations.

In this blog, you will know the key feature of the Nvidia Tesla v100 and the purpose to use it.

Keep reading to know it!

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Key Features And Benefits of Nvidia tesla v100

Here are some of the necessary key features of the Nvidia Tesla V100 and the benefits you acquire from it:

New Optimised Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) Architecture

This new SM design is suited in the centre of the GPU and enhances the energy efficiency by 50%. It is specially developed for deep learning to deliver up to 12x higher peak teraflops (TFLOPS) for training and 6x higher peak TFLOPS for interference.

Second-generation Nvidia NVLink:

The second generation of Nvidia’s NVLink interconnects work to deliver higher bandwidth, more links, and improved scalability for multi-GPU multi-GPU/CPU system configurations.

The previous version of GV100 is GP100. It contains only four NVLink links and bandwidth of 160GB/s, but the advanced GV100 comprises six to eight NVLink links and a bandwidth of 300 GB/s.

Volta Multi-Process Service

It is a new feature added to GV100 to accelerate the CUDA MPS server’s critical components and to give an excellent performance, isolation, and better quality of service for multiple compute applications sharing the GPU.

Improved Unified Memory and Address Translation Services (ATS)

To enhance memory range efficiency between the shared processors and to transfer accurate memory pages, the GV100 has an improved Unified memory technology.

In addition, with the support of the new ATS, the CPU’s page tables can be accessed directly by the GPU.

Maximum Performance and Maximum Efficiency Modes

The maximum performance of Tesla V100 can be operated up to a TDP level of 300 W to hasten the applications.

The Maximum efficiency mode will restrict the power consumption and will still make sure you get an excellent performance. 

HBM2 Memory

The HBM2 memory ensures that the V100 delivers 1.5x higher memory bandwidth than its previous version GPU P100. 

It made possible by combining the improved raw bandwidth and higher DRAM utilisation efficiency at

Why Use An Nvidia V100 GPU?

With the key features, you will now be sure that there is no match for NVIDIA Tesla. It enjoys its reputation as it delivers a high throughput by powering up across the world’s largest data centres at a comparative cost.

Here are the three reasons why you should utilise Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU now:

Advance AI Training

The need for AI increases every day. Companies are pushing their data scientist to face new challenges to create AI even better.

They’re giving their everything to make AI more powerful, speech recognition, training virtual personal assistants, or teaching automated cars to drive and make it a reliable solution.

But making it happen is more complex and will take more time to train deep learning models.

In such a case, a tesla v100 could be a great resource to push the process and reduce the work’s complexity.

It’s because each V100 GPU comes with 640 Tensor Cores, and by using Nvidia NVLink, you can interconnect the computing servers to accelerate the power up to 300GB/s to reduce the training time in half.

Higher AI Inference

The companies are stumbling with new challenges as the demand for connecting the users with relevant information, service, and products are high.

Even the most prominent companies are doubling their data centres to sort the hassle and allowing their users to use just three minutes to utilise their speech recognition service.

To face this scenario and break the challenge, Tesla V100 comes in as the only solution.

When compared with CPU – the tesla provides 47 times higher inference AI performance. Thus, it will put an end to the increasing demand for the AI industry and data centres.

High-Performance Computing

For various purposes, we require high-performance computing – starting from the weather forecast to finding drugs and new energy sources. The need is always alive and high.

So, to fulfil the requirement, Tesla V100, along with AI and HPC, can help quickly analysing significant data sources and give them details.

Price of Nvidia Tesla V100 - Where to buy in India

Tesla V100 is the best and most potent GPU processor in the world.

After evaluating and analysing the performance and drawback of the Nvidia Tesla P100, the v100 was built and released after a year.

Noticing their users’ requirements and pain points, Nvidia created v100 to better accelerate the applications.

Even when you compare the Nvidia Tesla V100 with P100, you find it 3x faster and better than P100.

Still, the market is open for a new GPU processor to compete with the V100.

However, for deep machine learning, high-performance computing, data science, acceleration of AI – the only best option left to create a revolution in the market is Nvidia tesla v100.

The Nvidia Tesla v100 price in India ranges between 20 to 21 lakhs along with GST.

However, the price can change in the coming days, Netspace (India) does provide Nvidia Tesla V100 to our customer. 

If you have any queries, please leave them below in the comment section. We would be happy to help you.

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