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One Step to Delete “Files in hidden subdirectories” – Cpanel

Cpanel Files In Hidden Subdirectories in your Linux shared hosting server can eat up, lots of disk space.

If you are using shared web hosting services from any hosting provider and it happens to be managed through Cpanel Control Panel, especially if its Linux hosting (Just like we do). 

You may have noticed a bar under the title “Files In Hidden Subdirectories” , as shown in the image above.

You may have wonder if it is safe to delete files mark under “Files In Hidden Subdirectories” and even how to delete these files? 

But before you do that, you must understand some details. 

cpanel hosting

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What are the files under Hidden Subdirectories?

Most of the hidden files are trash files (Not all), just like recycle bin in your windows PC. 

The trash folder contain all the files and folders deleted through File Manager and even deleted emails. 

If you have some application (a website) which delete files from a server then it may land up under trash folder and quickly eat up your disk space. 

Sometimes even deleted backups are stored in the trash folder. 

Is it safe the delete files in hidden subdirectories?

The simple answer is “Yes”.

Long Answer: If you are well aware of the content under the trash folder, then its safe to delete these folders.

There are some hidden files which are extremely important, like .htaccess file, deleting it may affect your website functionality.

How to delete files in hidden subdirectories cpanel?

Files in hidden subdirectories

  1.  Login to cPanel
  2.  Go to files –> Disk usage
  3.  Scroll down, you will see Sort directories option
  4.  In that, you can find .trash folder, click on it and delete your unwanted data.
cpanel hosting

It’s always nice to review your disk space uses from time to time. 
At Netspace (India), We notify all our Linux Hosting customers to review the disk space uses as soon as they started using 80% of the disk space allocated to the Linux plan. 

Shashi kant Pandidhar

Shashi kant Pandidhar

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