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Online Branding: How Domain Branding Can Boosts Your Business?

A domain name is defined as the website’s address. The chances of your brand being well-recognized increase when you own a domain name. It helps in engaging more target audience to your website if your domain name matches your business concept and therefore, helps in branding.
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domain name impacts on branding

A domain name is something by which your brand is known in the digital world. It may come as a surprise to some of you that domain names were not introduced till the year 1984 when a system named DNS ( Domain Name System) came into existence. The role of DNS is to implement easy-to-remember words into IP addresses. This was a huge change as a person had to remember a certain string of numbers that represented the IP address for visiting a specific website. 

domain registration

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What is a domain name?

A domain name, if put simply, is simple to understand and remember words used by a person to enter in the browser window to visit the specific website. These are managed by domain registries who provide specifications of a certain domain to the respective registrar.

Online Branding

There are currently more than 300 million registered domain names. Taking an offline business online is a hectic task if you are new to the game, but Netspace India has an article to clear all your queries. Here’s how you can learn to start an online business.

To keep your domain name safe and secure, after getting your domain registered with the registrar, it becomes the duty of the registrar to update you about the various aspects regarding the domain security. This includes notifying you (the registrant) about the expiration date of the domain and providing you with a chance to renew thus, making sure that the registrant does not lose their domain name. It is also important for you to choose a reliable and righteous registrar who does not use malpractices. 

What are the Impacts of Domain on Branding?

In simple words, Branding is a process that aims to make one’s products (whether it is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature) stand out from the others in the market and thus, provide meaning to it and make it unique. 

domain registration

What is domain branding?

Domain branding means to make your domain distinct and renowned using different methods to make your customers recognize your brand online. Domain branding leaves no room for your audience to think about other service/goods providers as the URL will signify only your goods or services.

Your domain name decides how much traffic is going to engage in your website in almost every aspect, including social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO).  To have a high-ranking domain name in search results, you should make sure that your domain name contains your brand name, should be short, authoritative, and memorable.

And today with new gTLDs being introduced, you can manage a domain name of your own choosing. These new gTLDs help your customers find your brand with precision. For example, if you are a Club, there is an  extension available named .club which helps you reach your target audience.

Top TLDs distribution
domain name length distribution

The above charts help us to get a clearer idea of what are the most well-known and appreciated domain name extensions are and how the domain name length distribution usually takes place. You can notice that the shorter the brand name the better it is. 

  • You can use a domain name for rebranding: Let us assume a business started small but later on got popular and may want to include more goods and services which lie in different categories. Thus, changing a domain name can also help in branding.
  • Engages web traffic: If your domain name is used efficiently then it helps in directing more audience to your website. Such as: If your brand sells pliers and has a domain named then, it is more likely for the person buying pliers to search this term and end up at your website. 
  • Makes your contest or promotions more valid: Many companies usually use contests and promotions as a mode for lead generation or to enhance brand awareness. A good domain name for your social channels can help your campaign get recognition and success.

An Online brand domain lies between the subdomain and the top-level domain of a URL. For example, in the URL, the ‘funny’  is the brand domain.

1. Brand Identity

Your customers recognize your brand through your domain name on a digital platform. Thus, it is essential to choose a relevant domain name that helps you connect and communicate with your customers and makes your brand’s identity visible. 

How brand identity can impact seo

An established brand in a way can not only boon your business but is also good for SEO by making sure that the customers instead of searching for the service or goods you provide, search for your brand instead.

2. Brand trustworthiness

To deal with business trading online, it is obvious to make sure that your domain name signifies credibility for the customers not to think twice before venturing into doing business with you. As there are many malicious websites present on the internet, your customers should feel safe and secure about sharing sensitive information with you such as credit card info, etc.

3. Brand Awareness

To gain proper recognition as a brand, your domain name can play a vital role in making sure about this. Remember when I mentioned the domain name being something easy to remember? This is why. The domain name for your website should be something that is etched into the minds of the audience when they talk about the goods/services you provide.

4. Makes your brand look innovative

In this day and age of technology, the competition is tough. Even though right now unlimited businesses are making their mark on the internet through websites, the key to most of them is a catchy and creative domain name that represents them. Having a website also adds to branding as it signifies that your business is appropriate and valid in today’s modern times.

5. More Scope for website and thus, Brand

Choosing the right domain name for your brand ensures that you reach a wide audience no matter where your business is located. The best thing about having your domain name is that you can be traveling around the world yourself and still your brand will manage to reach the target audience at every corner of the world. 

6. Accentuates SEO based ranking

With Google’s ever-changing Algorithm, it is hard to determine the exact factors which influence the SEO-based rankings apart from target keywords. To ensure that you have done everything at your end to make it to the top of Google search results, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of having target SEO keywords that help your website. 

Even if you manage to gather the keywords and use them according to the SEO guidelines, there is little to no chance of your website to appear in the appropriate ranking of the search engine results pages or SERPs without a brand. An established brand has people talking about it on the internet on different platforms which in a way sends signals to google or other search engines and makes your brand relevant in the market. This interrelationship between branding and ranking helps you to earn more traffic and more customers.

Case Study: Branding vs. Ranking

Branding Vs Ranking

An example of this can be taken from Kleenex which is a brand for facial tissues. Instead of people searching for facial tissues, it was noticed that Kleenex was searched more. How did this happen? Due to Kleenex being a respected brand in its market, people automatically started searching for the brand instead of the service or goods they need. 

Kleenex Vs Facial Tissue search results

Netspace™ (India) helps you understand how you can choose the perfect domain name for your website and make your mark on the internet.

Marketing and customer experience


The domain name means an address to a certain website. Branding means to make an asset of a company or business exclusive using certain tactics. A domain name impacts branding in various ways. A website can rename it using the appropriate steps to avoid any obstacles. 

To protect your business it is essential to take certain measures, some of them are given below:

  • Make sure that your brand is secured by choosing a reliable Online security service. 
  • Take regular updates for your brand and the trademarks related to it.
  • Choose strong passwords.
  • Secure every device which is used for sensitive data.
  • To ensure your brand is secured even on social media, set up certain policies, save social URLs, use a generic brand E-mail, etc.


Your brand can find the best domain name suitable for your business at Netspace India at affordable prices to make your place in the digital world from domain registration page.. 

The answer is NO. Not only does this cause confusion among the clients but can also cause legal troubles due to trademark infringement.

To protect your brand online means avoiding any sort of identity theft or data hacks on a digital platform. For online brand protection, you can take following measures:

Website SSL: For customers to trust your website being encrypted and authentic, it is preferred to have some sort of certification which supports it. That’s where website SSL certification comes in.

Two Factor authentication: With Two factor authentication, the chances of your server being attacked by some illegal body gets minute. 

Domain monitoring: There have been cases where the fraudsters try to buy a domain name similar to a certain brand in order to prove some connection which ends up diverting your traffic from the official channels. To prevent this from happening, reviewing domains which are similar to yours for any charade or pretense can be done. If found guilty, you can have it removed under the copyright laws to avoid further damage. 

In such cases, you are likely to be charged with copyright issues. Hence, it is highly advised to choose a unique name with Netspace. 

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