Online NGO Registration Process In INDIA – Get Your NGO Registered.

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Online NGO Registration Process In INDIA - Get Your NGO Registered.
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Online NGO Registration Process In INDIA – Get Your NGO Registered.

Shashi kant Pandidhar

Online NGO Registration Process Why? As consumers and donors to our various causes, we all look to organizational websites to validate and verify that the donations we choose to make are going to best-in-class organizations. The launch of the “.NGO”  extensions has made this choice simple, as these domains will be verified as those of credible NGOs by the Public Interest Registry (PIR).

NetSpaceIndia is proud to get associated with PIR, Now you can Register and verify name (NGO Name Availability) availability today online at  ( search for )

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These TLDs are more important and relevant today than ever before. The global situation underscores the need for organisations and individuals to rise to the occasion and get involved. This TLD it is an apt choice to be able to distinguish the wheat from the chaff for potential donors and philanthropists. This extension can give your customers a wider reach, help them fulfil their noble goals & add value to their registered charitable organization.

The Internet is already a powerful tool for NGOs, allowing them to interact with the world and to connect with and secure new supporters and potential donors, Launch of .NGO domain will give confidence and trust you always wanted

Benefits of getting your NGO registered online with NetSpaceIndia:

  • TRUST: Only legally recognized NGOs, ONGs, charities and other nonprofits can register. Hence, a name with suffix ‘.NGO’ or ‘.ONG’ goes through a validation process and a significant amount of credibility is attached to it
  • GLOBAL REACH: It offers global reach as .ngo is offered with .ong as a package; by registering one of the two, you also reserve the same name in the other
  • CONNECTIONS: When you register your NGO or ONG, you get added to the OnGood Global Directory which is the Internet’s larger to the largest database of legally recognized and validated NGOs and ONGs worldwide, thus bringing you closer to other organizations and fading the boundaries to helping online internationally
Online NGO Registration Process

online ngo registration

We believe that this will change the way global contributors find and perceive organizations in the near future, and if the organization has an international mission or donor base, look at this as a high-impact opportunity.

Do Your Bit and help potential organization who could use a .NGO name by tweeting “Get your #NGO registered online at to tweet)

Note: Please make sure you have registered your NGO with Indian guideline, refer:

Please Note : All .NGO Domain name will be verified for registered NGO. If you are not registered NGO in India follow steps as per the video

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 P.S: This article is about booking your domain name with extension  .NGO and not for registering your NGO. If you want to know about NGO registration process in India, Please read this article


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