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Pros and Cons of Hosting Website in India

With an increase in traffic and the inability to customize the hosting services, below are the advantages and disadvantages you should know before hosting your website in India.
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Things are changing in India, 10 years back when I started Netspaceindia there was hardly any datacenter in India.

A few years back India started standing apart and suddenly companies were building up datacenter all over India intending to provide web hosting services with new and sophisticated infrastructure.

But new technologies come with a cost and challenges of their type.

After providing web hosting services to several customers in India and the world, here is my list of pros and cons of hosting your website in India compare to hosting it in other locations.

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Pros of Hosting Website in India

Pros of hosting a website will show moderate growth in website traffic which eventually will help in expanding and scaling your business.

Super Fast FTP

One thing you will surely notice after hosting your website in India is a super-fast FTP connection.
Almost everyone in my customer list who are hosted in India did notice around 100 to 200 times faster FTP compare to hosting in other location. Why? Because of the simple reason of low latency.
What is latency?

In technical terms,

“Latency is measured by sending data that is returned to the sender; the round-trip time is considered as latency”

SEO Benefits

As Google and other search engine are getting more evolved and they are giving high purity localization. So if your target visitors are from India then You can learn more about the Insight of website ranking factors of Google here.

Faster Website

If your visitors are from India or even better if from the same location where your site is hosted, then your visitors will notice a faster load time compare to other locations.
For example, you have a server located at datacenter of Mumbai then visitors to Mumbai may see a slightly faster website compare to visitors in Delhi (again latency is the player here).
But you can have a workaround for this, buy simply deploying a CDN service which is basically mean deploying your copy of your website to the nearest server (edge location) of your website visitors.

Cons of Hosting Website in India

Like every coin has two faces, every pro comes with some cons. So, let me also list the Cons of hosting a website in India.

Expensive Hosting

Compare to hosting in other countries, hosting In India is expensive mainly because of two reasons high bandwidth cost and cost of operating datacenter.

How much expensive?

Almost double!!

Lack of Support

There are only a few data centers with good sales tech support. I have seen so many people keep shifting their hosting from one provider to another mainly because they keep looking for cheap hosting or good after-sale service. But creating a balance between this is a skill.

Lack of Efficiency and Automation

Let’s face it, India is far behind in terms of efficiency and automation when it comes to a DC in India compare to other DC’s in the USA or Canada.
Lots of DC in India still have “Chalata Hai” attitude which can not be tolerated when it comes to DC like critical service.
But the good thing is people are noticing it and DC’s are changing the way of working and giving priority to automation and cloud services.

Recently AWS started its Mumbai, India region which at least for me brought lots of confidence for hosting services in India.

Final Thoughts

I am sure, above points will help you to make your decision of whether you want to do web hosting in India or not. If you have any related queries, please free to comment below and I will be happy to answer your query.

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