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Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

When you know inside out of the hosting industry and at the same time you understand customer requirement, Then you are the right zone to start a hosting business also know as resller hosting. This article will give you walk through of all the check list you for starting a resller hosting business

Like any business Web Hosting Business also have stages. This article is for individual/group who want start their own hosting business. Fist and foremost we highly recommend having a minimum of five to nine hosting customers on hand before starting your reseller business.

In the event, you have less than 5 customers go for Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting plan for individual customers, You can always move a customer from shared hosting to reseller hosting as and when required. (make sense right ?)

Checklist For Starting Your Own Web Hosting Business:

  • Select Type Of Reseller Hosting
    Once you have enough customers and you decided to move ahead to next level, Then decide with a type of reseller hosting you want from below. Like Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting or both.
  • Move Customer: 
    You can open a ticket to move customers, If you already have a customer from our Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting services
  • Customise Hosting Plan:
    Once you are set with your reseller hosting and all customers moved to your plan. Look for customisation of your own plan. Yes, This is the time you can create your own custom plan and provide web space and other resources as per your own billing and requirements.
  • Understanding the limit:
    Nothing is unlimited in this world as do our plans comes with limited resources even you are reseller plan with an unlimited hosting option. (Read: Things Your Shared Hosting Company Won’t Tell You. ) Remember even reseller hosting is a type of shared hosting, Once you think that you have reached a limit of shared hosting you can upgrade to VPS Hosting.

Select Reseller Hosting Type

Windows Reseller hosting

Windows reseller hosting is good if you have most of the customer who is hosting a website under .net application and also/and require Microsoft SQL database servers. Windows reseller hosting plan comes with an option of hosting multiple domains under one customer.

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Linux Reseller hosting

With our Linux Reseller Hosting Plan, You can get the power of Linux operating system with industry most stable OS, Linux makes you dependable reseller hosting provider. Works like a charm for customers who are looking for hosting open source applications.

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