SMS Gateway India

SMS Gateway India

SMS delivery Report

SMS Delivery reports

SMS Report Card

Now you can keep a track of each SMS sent through our gateway and get detail log of each SMS from delivery time to sent SMS logs to frequently failed numbers. Also get delivery reports of all SMS Campaigns with Error Code Sheet

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS

Special Gateway For Marketing SMS

Whether you are sending sales promotions for your retail store or promoting upcoming events for sports and venue, NetSpaceIndia SMS Promotional SMS gateway is the right choice for you and you can do wonders with it.

Transnational SMS Gateway

Instant Transactional SMS

Send Notification SMS

Transactional bulk sms is the best way to communicate with co-workers without any issue of dnd or non dnd numbers.  Delivering urgent information to people is possible with transactional SMS.

Long Code SMS

Long Code SMS

Two Way SMS

Long Code is a 10 digit Dedicated or shared Mobile Number to be used for SMS Campaign without paying Premium Charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number

SMS Gateway API

SMS Gateway APIs

CRM / ERP Ready

NetSpaceIndia SMS Gateway provide HTTP, JSON/XML API Documentation so that you could make required add-ons on your own. Reliably and securely send & receive texts worldwide. Our Platinum Operator status guarantees the highest quality text service at the best price.

SMS Gateway

SMS Retry algorithm

100% delivery

We make sure that your each SMS goes through our gateway and get delivered. And don’t just take our word for it, try our gateway before buying  And oh, no exceptions!

 SMS Gateway that works on all Indian Mobile networks 

Mobile phones have become a powerful tool. Now you can easily reach Billion of people in a personal and interactive way. NetSpaceIndia Gateway Service help to get in touch with people in a faster and cheaper way through SMS. There are bulk SMS dedicated Routes to various companies who look for bulk SMS as a marketing tool.

Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement. Here is a quick guide to help you get started

The NetSpaceIndia SMS Gateway services portal will walk you through the process of sending messages from our website, whether you need to send a single message or 100,000 at once.

You can send up to 160 characters in a single message, or a long message of up to 765 characters (5 messages joined together). Long messages use additional credits.

Destination numbers can be typed in, selected from an online address book, uploaded from a data export, or simply copy and pasted from a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

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