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How To Get A Static IP Address In India

Confused about how to get Static IP in India for your organization/ startup? Here are simple guidelines to get a Static IP Address.
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In India, most of the public Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides internet connection on dynamic IP. 

Which means, every time you connect to the internet, new IP is generated (This is called Dynamic IP). 

Most of the internet users will not notice it or do not care about it. As for regular internet uses this dynamic IP address is good enough. 

If you want to check your IP address visit what is my IP address page, this page will display your IP address every time you connect to the internet through your ISP. 


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How to get a Static IP Address over Internet ?​

What is a Static IP Address over Internet?

The static IP address is opposite of Dynamic IP address, which means your IP over the internet will remain the same/ unchanged every time you connect to the internet. 

Static IP is also referred as Dedicated IP by some ISP. 

All ISP charges an extra amount, if you want a Static IP address. Or they bundle up with higher plans. 

Benefits of Static IP Address

Any device which uses an IP address can be configured to have a static IP address. That includes smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and routers.

You can do this by going through the device, or by typing the IP address into the device from the actual device.

There are several advantages of static IP address.

  • You can whitelist your IP Address in the firewall, to get access only to you in the online application. 
  • Work From Home Employee can be assigned with a static IP to identify each employee with an IP address. 
  • Static IP can help you get faster DNS compare to your dynamic IP address. 
  • If you use a Static IP address, you can use port forwarding to access your device remotely. 
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Static IP Address Provided By ISP

There are two ways you can get a Static IP over the internet in India.

First way is through ISP, which will assign your internet connection a dedicated IP and you will get the same IP every time you connect to the internet over the link provided by the ISP.

Which is also a drawback, as you need to use the same ISP connection to get the same IP in the case you have fix line connection, then you will have limited limitation. 

What are the charges for Static IP In India through ISP?

Different ISP charges differently for static IP. 

Like Airtel have a Bundle plan called Airtel Office Internet which comes with a Static IP address which starts with Rs.6500/m. 

And BSNL charges Rs.1500/m just for Static IP address from BSNL.  

Assign Static IP Address through VPN

The other option to get a Static IP is through VPN India option.  

Using this option, you will get the same IP address (Static IP) every time you connect to the internet through an ISP in the world. 

Using VPN option, you remove the dependency over your ISP. 

How to get Static IP address over the internet through a VPN?

Once you order a VPN service from Netspace (India), you will get a welcome email with your Static IP address and username/password to manage your VPN account. 

We provide VPN service through OPEN VPN. 

Step 1: Your Assigned Static IP address (Welcome Mail)

Netspace (India) provides static IP address over VPN, unlike other VPN provider who typically offers dynamic IP address. Netspace (India) IP’s will be Indian Static IP.  


Click on your login link and enter the username/password provided.

Step 2: Download the Software.

Once you login, you need to download the VPN software and the login profile. 

The system will automatically select the supported software for the current machine; alternatively you can download the option as shown in the image below:


Install the software as recommend.
Once done, you will be promoted with username/password, you can either use the detail on your welcome mail or the key to connect.
Once connected, you will be assigned a static IP over the internet.

vpn india

Need Help Getting A Static IP In India?

Choosing between whether dynamic or static IP addresses are better depends on the nature of the connection. A dynamic IP address is appropriate for a home network while a static IP address is more likely to be relevant for a business. Static IP is best suited for hosted services, accurate for geolocation, less downtime, and does not limit remote access.

To get your free consulting for static IP, Contact Our team of our expert

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