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Protecting Your Business with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup

Backup Solution With Malware Protection

Unleash the destructive power of cyberattacks and data breaches on businesses of every size with a secure and reliable backup solution. Acronis Cyber Protect Backup is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution, offering comprehensive protection through not only seamless backup and disaster recovery, but also the integration of endpoint protection, security management, and encryption in a single unified platform

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Backup All Devices
Manage It In One Panel

Discover the power of comprehensive cybersecurity protection with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup. Explore our range of pricing in India and find the solution that best fits the unique needs of your organization. From small businesses to large enterprises, we have a plan for you


₹13 /GB Starting Price

  • 50 GB - Cloud Backup
  • Backup Multiple Device
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Upgrade Any Time
  • Backups On Azure India


₹10 / GB Starting Price

  • 1000 GB - Cloud Backup
  • Everything On Base Plan
  • Add-on Disaster recover
  • Hands On Support


₹8 /GB Starting Price

  • 10 TB - Cloud Backup
  • Everything On All Plans
  • Advance Security
  • Dedicated Support Manager
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How Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Works

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup uses a combination of advanced technologies to protect your data and devices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Endpoint Protection Account

The Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect Backup

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup is a comprehensive solution that provides multiple benefits to businesses.

Fast and Reliable Backup and Recovery

With Acronis Cyber Protect Backup, you can quickly and easily backup and recover your data. The solution uses advanced algorithms and compression techniques to reduce backup times and save storage space, ensuring that you can recover your data in no time

End-to-End Security Management

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup provides end-to-end security management that includes endpoint protection, security management, and encryption. This means that you can protect your data and devices from threats like malware, viruses, and ransomware, as well as keep your data confidential.

Centralized Management and Monitoring

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup allows you to manage and monitor all your security needs from a single, centralized console. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your backups and security status, and to make any necessary changes.

Backup Any Devices

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup can backup various types of devices including


Laptops Backups

Ensure the safety of your desktops and laptops with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's robust backup solution. Keep your critical files and data secure and easily accessible, even in the event of a disaster.
server backup

Servers Backup

Protect your servers and keep your business running smoothly with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's server backup solution. Ensure the safety of your valuable data and minimize downtime with reliable, automated backups

Virtual machines

Effortlessly secure your virtual machines with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's comprehensive VM backup solution. Protect your valuable data, maintain business continuity, and minimize downtime with fast and flexible virtual backups.

Mobile Devices Backup

Stay connected and secure on-the-go with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's mobile device backup solution. Keep your important data and files safe, even on the move, with automated and secure backups for your smartphones and tablets
iot device backup

IoT Devices

With Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's cutting-edge IOT device backup solution, you can secure your connected devices. With thorough backups, keep your data secure, reduce downtime, and ensure business continuity for all of your internet-connected devices.

Centralise Panel

With Acronis Cyber Protect Backup, you'll have a commanding view of your entire cybersecurity posture, thanks to a centralized management panel. Managing backup, disaster recovery, endpoint protection, security management, and encryption for all your devices has never been easier. This centralized approach streamlines the management of complex security tasks and empowers you to swiftly address potential threats, ensuring complete visibility and control over your digital assets

Fully Managed

Experience fully managed cybersecurity with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup for complete peace of mind.

Specialised Support Service

Defend against ransomware attacks with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's advanced protection function.

Malware Safe

Shield your devices from malware with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup's powerful protection function

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