Recently, We completed the migration of our Linux shared hosting server (See Old Notice).

The migration process is now complete. 

What Changed?

  1. The server main IP is changed to
  2. Powerful Amazon Cloud Based Linux Shared Hosting Servers.
  3. All depreciated PHP version is no more supported, Only PHP 7.1 and higher are supported
  4. Node Js are now supported in the server.
  5. A more strict policy is applied to the server to avoid misuse of the resources to support a fair share environment in shared hosting.
  6. Firewall Rule is tightened.

What Do You need to do Next?

Step 1 . Check if your website is opening? If everything is working. You are all set.
Step 2. If your website is not working, make sure you are using our name servers and
Step 3. If you are using private name servers, then make sure your A record is pointing to
Step 4. If you are using cloud flare service to manage DNS, follow the instruction about how to manage DNS at CloudFlare.
Step 5. If your website is pointing but showing error, old data the please open a ticket.
Step 6. Please make sure all your data is intact as it should, our support team will able to recover data from the old server until 31st March.

Note: Due to Cpanel Licence new norms, a domain which is not pointing to our server will be removed from the server after 30 days. A noticed will be sent to the owner/reseller.

Friday, March 20, 2020

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