Account suspended due to abuse (SpamBot)

If you have been alerted that your account has been suspended due to a spamming complaint please contact our Support department by opening a ticket in the NetSpaceIndia Account Manager.

Please note : We don't want your website to go down this applied to all customers, But sometimes it badly coded website or outdated CMS (like WordPress) are easy prey for hackers to modify your scripts and Bulk emails from your account (sometimes in millions) due to which other customers get affected and we are forced to suspend your account to avoid interruption of service to other customers. 

Also, some customer argues us to look into the code and solve this issue. However, our policy to not touch any of the customer data or files prevent us from doing so. But you can perform following steps to clear the issue :

  1. Request unsuspension : 
    Open a ticket and request for unsuspension, If it is your first-time suspension our support team may unsuspend your account for a temporary time period or we can provide you a backup of your data.

    In case your account is unsuspended, login to your CMS (like WordPress) and follow the steps mentioned in our article : Making WordPress Site – Spam and Hack Proof In the event your account can not be unsuspended then we will provide you with a backup of your files and DB. 

    Scan each and every files and folder with antivirus and look for any suspicious code under your public_html folder. 

  2. Reset all password :
    Reset all passwords of your account including email accounts / Wordpress admin / Magento  and keep all password strong avoid easy guess like your name with date of birth. 

  3. Audit your website :

    In the event, you are not able to solve the spamming issue, request for an audit. We will perform a full audit of your account and apply patches if required. (please note this is chargeable service, You may request to get quote before applying an audit ).
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