What to do when you see your website down ?

No one, I mean no one likes to see their website to be down. But don't panic follow these simple steps to find out actual reason for your downtime:

  1. Check if you are able to open other websites if they are opening up: 

    Don't just open google to check if your internet is working (google uses cache, so you may see home page even with no internet) try using some dynamic website. If another website is opening up then follow next step or else contact your internet provider. 

  2. Use Proxy Browser:

    Check proxy website http://boomproxy.com or https://hide.me and try opening your website using these tools, If your website is opening up from those proxy browser chances are there that your DNS network is down, Most of the internet connection provider use their own DNS zone and sometimes they don't get updated and your website may seem to be down from some location.

    To solve this issue you may use google public DNS service ( / for how to update DNS zone for your PC, Visit https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using 

    The above method will only solve an issue in your PC in the event you keep getting random call / update from your visitors about downtime try obtaining for premium DNS service. You may contact NetSpaceIndia support team for activating Premium DNS Service (Please note this is a paid service)

  3. Contact Support:

    In the event all above steps fail, Contact our support team by opening up a ticket from your member area : https://www.netspaceindia.com/superclient/knowledgebase/12/How-do-I-create-and-manage-support-tickets-from-client-area.html

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