Connecting to your Netspace (India) VPS through FTP

Applies to : Linux VPS Server
All our VPS server can be connected through ROOT FTP via SFTP

Filezilla is a great program to use.

You can download Filezilla from their site.

Once it’s downloaded and installed, start it running.

To begin transferring files, open up the Filezilla and within the file manager, open up the site manager options:

  1. Click on the new site button. You can double click the name of the entry to change the name
  2. Put your domain name (or IP address if your domain has not propagated yet) in the host field
  3. Fill in your username and password with the username “root” and the password you must have got earlier
  4. Click connect

Clicking connect will now allow you to transfer files from your computer to your server and build your site: be sure to drag them from your local directory on your left into your web directory (very likely /var/www) in frame on the right:

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