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The New Internet Of .Brand – Private Generic TLD

Make your brand name to the right of the dot just like .com or .org, and own the entire name space with the help of ‘dot brand’ which is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)
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dot brand

By owning a dot brand, an organization controls an entire branded corner of the internet, their own digital ecosystem. This allows them to register any domain name they like, to use in any way they like, and infuse more innovation, creativity, and security into their domain names and digital strategy.

There is an endless race of acquiring a domain name and getting that catchy name but in coming future Internet Brands will have full control over their TLD’s (Top Level Domain), I love to call them Private TLD.

With over 600 brands applied for Private TLD in the year 2012 and The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICCAN) hosted and launched hundreds of them in 2018.

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What is Private gTLD?

DOT Brand top-level domains that are used by corporates where they put a brand name to the right of the dot instead of a dot com or a dot net or some other part of TLD.

So you may have seen on internet sites like .dog, even .bank gTLD, .power, and even .bus. In fact, most of this domain TLD can be registered with Netspace (India) and other registrars.

Coming years will be  poised to be the year of DOT brand.

Many large industries had applied for the use of their own .Brand TLD and either has launched already or will be watching them in coming days.

Companies like Amazon, VISA, or Sony, Ali Baba and many others are changing the way they do business on the internet now.

Indian Brands like Reliance, TATA, and LIC are already owning their respective .brand TLD. In fact, SBI even started using .SBI as per the circular issued by SBI Bank for use of generic Top Level Domain of BANK.SBI from

Benefits of using your own .Brand gTLD

  • The biggest benefit of having DOT Brand is having full control of DNS system, Companies will not be depended on the registry to manage there top level TLD,
  • The race for the good keyword based TLD will be over,
  • Companies can make their own rules like who can have their DOT Brand domain name. Will it be public or private gTLD,
  • All of the companies websites will be in there own DOT Brand network,
  • Full control over security,
  • No Third Party dependency.

How to register your own .BRAND gTLD?

Initially you need to wait for ICANN to open next round of application for owning own top-level domain.  Once the dates are disclosed your company can apply for own gTLD.

ICANN is expected to publish a guidebook to register your own gTLD.

The entity needs to apply with detailed documents to ICANN as per the guidebook.

Due to various factors, it is not possible to provide you with a fixed cost price to apply and register a gTLD or your DOT BRAND TLD.  

However, here is the breakdown of the New gTLD ICANN fees.

Free (USD)
Application Fees
Instra gTLD Application Fee
$25 – $75,000
$35 – $100,000
$35 – $100,000
Netspace (India) Fee OR
ICANN Statutory Application Fee
Annual Registry Fee
Instra Registry Global DNS Solution
$15 – $25,000 (3)
ICANN gTLD Annual Maintenance Fee
ICANN Second Level Domain names registered (3)
$0.25 per SLD
$0.25 per SLD
$0.25 per SLD
ICANN Dispute Fees (5)
Dispute Filing
Dispute Panel
Rapid Dispute Panel (1 member per hour)
Rapid Dispute Panel (3 member per hour)
Legal Fees

Once you get approved from ICANN then proceed to launch. This simply means setting up your gTLD in DNS, setting up policy for your DOT Brand and eligibility and finally putting your gTLD in the operation like if you want it to be offered to Public or Private registration only.

Who can book generic TLD?

Anyone who can manage to arrange fees and file application can book a generic TLD. However, only companies can apply for DOT BRAND.

There is no guarantee that all the applicant will get the applied gTLD as ICANN follows very strict screening for approval.

Why use Netspace India for getting gTLD?

At Netspace India we have an enviable global reputation giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that we have your best interests covered and are experts at what we do.

  • Enjoy the security and ease of the Netspace (India) gTLD management and aftercare service,
  • Expert industry input into the completion of the application,
  • Plan full technical services for registry development,
  • Support approaching any objections to the application or a possible auction requirement,
  • Assistance with the ICANN contract process once the application is approved,
  • Preparation for launch in terms of registration policies and technical requirements,
  • Ongoing support with ICANN compliance issues and policy development.


This is one of the method where organization gets global brand recognition. An increasing number of brands are using their name at the highest level of the internet domain name!

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