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TLS Certificate For Bank ATMs

TLS (Transport Layer Security), is a widely adopted security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over any network. TLS helps secure ATM Machine communication for Banks.
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TLS certificate for ATMs

ATMs, easily available financial service outlets are vulnerable to various attacks such as jackpotting, data skimming, fake machines, etc which incase gets easy for attackers to attack. In the present state, there are no machines available to verify the genuineness of these financial service outlets.

Securing ATM Communications is an important aspect of ATM security in India and over the world in which TLS help secure the communications between the device and switch. Hence, by using SSL or TLS will encrypt the transmission of sensitive data across networks leading to secure ATMs.

Table of Contents

What is TLS Protocol ?

As mentioned above, the primary aim of TLS is to provide data confidentiality and communication applications over the internet. 

The three main components of TLS protocols are Encryption, Authentication, and Integrity.

Is TLS necessary for Bank ATMs?

The short answer is Yes!

Enabling TLS is just not enough! A validated TLS certificate must be enabled and the correct certificate must be installed on the ATM to ensure cardholder data or machine data is not manipulated or intercepted.


Functions of TLS for ATM's

  1. Message integrity and validation
  2. Prevents SSL replay attacks, truncation attacks, man-in-middle attacks, and SSL key renegotiation.
  3. Endpoint authentication of data delivery.
  4. SSL data encryption confidentiality.
  5. Certificate verification between endpoints (ATM and SWITCHWARE)
  6. Set minimum public key length.
  7. Ensure data values have not been manipulated.

Benefits of TLS for ATM's

  1. TLS ensures a fully integrated SSL/TLS solution for SWITCHWARE.
  2. TLS enables fast and reliable data security.
  3. No additional hardware or third-party interfacing is required to operate.
  4. Minimal complexity with fewer operational components.
  5. Eliminate impersonation of an endpoint such as POS, ATM, network, etc.
  6. Contents of the message are secured using encryption.
  7. Overcome expensive data breaches that result in loss of reputation.
  8. Experience improvised customer support services.

Advised settings for TLS ATMs

NCR recommendation

  • Minimum of TLS 1.1 (recommended 1.2),
  • Verify certificates of the server,
  • Minimum 2048 bit public key length,
  • Creation of new sessions when a renegotiation is needed.

How to buy TLS certificate for ATM?

Netpace™ India acts as a CA (Certificate Authority) for ATM TLS between ATMs and Switch and provides the certificate for ATM switches and ATM Machines which can work on private/public IP’s. 

You can easily have a TLS certificate with Netspace for:

  1. TLS Certificate for 1 year.
  2. TLS Certificate for 3 years.
  3. TLS Certificate for 10 years.

For more information, Contact us.

Buy TLS Certificate for ATM's

Get a quote for your TLS certificate for ATMs and switches. 

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Shashi kant Pandidhar

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