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Top 8 Selling Wireless Keyboards – In India

A great wireless keyboard can help you type faster and more comfortably and reduce clutter on your desk, make it more cleaner giving a tidy look by overcoming wired connections. Wireless keyboard is accessible on your tablet, computer, TV, and phone. So, this mobility feature makes person move anywhere within the connectivity range and operate machine easily.
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top selling wireless keyboard in india

Keyboards are classified depending upon their mode of usage and size. 

Those types are Multimedia Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard, wireless, virtual, wired, Ergonomic, USB, Chiclet, QWERTY, Gaming, Thumb, Flexible, Membrane, Bluetooth, Backlit, Magic, Chorded, etc.

After looking into various wireless keyboards in the parameters such as battery life, connectivity range, price, warranty, frequency range, portability and system compatibility, the best wireless keyboards for the year 2021 is Zaap Trifold-Pro wireless keyboard.

But, I also recommend listed wireless keyboards:

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Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MK345 wireless keyboard gives a flawless experience with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. 

This full-sized wireless keyboard layout is comfortable and gives a quite typing experience to user with generous palm rest, easy-access media keys, and spill-resistant design. Moreover, it comes with right-handed mouse which is hand-friendly contoured shape for precise smooth tracking.

Wireless Keyboard MK345
  • Keyboard has a convenient layout.

  • Range is up to 10m with 128-bit AES data encryption.

  • It has a spill-resistant design.

  • Integrated keyboard palm-rest.

  • Quick Access to Email and Entertainment using F-keys

  • Battery life: 3 Yrs. keyboard & 18 months mouse

  • Robust wireless connection

  • Extended battery life, and 12 shortcut/media keys.

Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard and mouse combo are here to let you game or work up to 10 meters without any dropouts or delays. Quiet typing keys of this keyboards delivers an

immersive gaming experience without being disturbed by the sounds of the mouse or the key. This wireless keyboard protects your data by encrypting data traffic between keyboard and receiver with a high level of data encryption.

Wireless Keyboard MK215
  • 2 years battery life.

  • 'Plug & play’ USB

  • 128-bit AES encryption

  • This keyboard is 35% smaller than standard keyboards which makes is super space saver.

  • Battery life: 2 Yrs. keyboard & 18 months mouse

Zaap Trifold-Pro Wireless Keyboard

This is an advance designed wireless keyboard with foldable feature. This elegant style keyboard is water-resistant and is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure protection against any damages and hazards. Keys are easily pressable which makes user to handle it without pressure.

MAGNETIC POWER ON – To power on the Key Board simply Unfold it.

Wireless Keyboard Zaap trifold pro
  • Convenient to carry around

  • Smart magnetism switch helps for automatic power on and off when you fold and unfold the keyboard

  • Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery

  • 85 hours usage time

  • Battery lasts up to 85 Hrs.

  • Uses micro-USB cable for connection

  • Maximum 3 million key-hits per annum are tested.

  • Supports all universal designs

  • Compatibility – Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, Android

  • Keypad is smooth

Unboxing & Review – ZAAP Trifold-Pro Bluetooth Foldable/Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard.

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard

This full-sized keyboard wireless keyboard features a compact and sleek design which fits to any desktop setup. Easily navigate daily tasks with optical mouse. This keyboard is designed to enhance the daily productivity with responsive chiclet keys makes typing comfortable. Additionally, multimedia shortcut keys provide quick access to video and audio functions. 

Wireless Keyboard Dell KM117
  • Attractive design & build quality

  • Perfect keyboard and mouse combo.

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10

HP CS10 Wireless Keyboard

HP CS10 Wireless Keyboard is featured with energy, ergonomic design, and electricity saving, intelligent dormancy, plug and play, HD laser engraving fonts, drop key cap, and gives comfortable experience special hand feel.

Wireless Keyboard HP CS10
  • Intelligent Dormancy

  • HD Laser Engraving Fonts

  • Plug and Play Usage

  • Energy and Electricity Saving

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity

Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard

Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard is featured with fantastic comfortable features for student, office and home use which offers maximum productivity all time. The keyboard boasts an island key design that makes typing a joy and mouse offers a clean and streamlined design that feels just right in the hand. It is a water-resistant keyboard.

Wireless Keyboard Lenovo 100
  • Water-resistant

  • Ultra-slim

  • 1 Nano USB receiver to control both keyboard and mouse

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Nano USB

  • Great battery life

Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard

Corsairk83 is one of the best entertainment-focused wireless keyboards in India. This wireless keyboard is suitable with NVIDIA SHIELD, laptop, media player, PC, streaming box and Smart TV.  It is lightweight and portable. It’s an excellent piece for those who’re often baffled typing in their home theatre PC and smart TV. Additionally, this keyboard’s best feature is the number of connectivity alternatives. You can connect the keyboard to any device using Bluetooth connectivity or a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. This keyboard is brushed with aluminum design with compact frame of 76 keys.

Wireless Keyboard Corsair K83
  • Wireless Connectivity: Ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz or Bluetooth 4.2

  • CORSAIR iCUE Software support

  • USB Polling Rate: 1000Hz

  • Dimensions: 381(L) x 125(W) x 28(H)mm / 15″ x 4.93″ x 1.11″

  • 77 number of keys & 19 number of buttons.

  • Battery lasts up to 40 Hrs.

  • Wired Connectivity: USB 2.0 or 3.0 Type-A, 1.82m, Flat, Tangle free rubber cable

  • LED White backlighting

  • Anti-Ghosting with 20-Key rollover

  • Extra controls: Trackpad, Wheel, and Joystick

  • Battery: Up to 40 hours, Rechargeable via Micro-USB, Lithium polymer ion

Unboxing & Review –  Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard.

Lenovo 510 Wireless Keyboard - GX30N81776

Lenovo 510 wireless keyboard is a compliment to your desktop  simple yet elegant design. Easily connects wirelessly with PCs using one Nano USB receiver. The keyboard is spill-resistant with island keys for typing accuracy and comfort. The accompanying wireless mouse has an ambidextrous design and features a 1200 DPI optical sensor.

Wireless Keyboard Lenovo 510
  • Spill resistant keys to ensure multi-tasking

  • Ergonomic design for optimum all-day comfort

  • 12-month battery life with a single AA battery

  • Connects via 2.4 GHz USB dongle

  • 2.5 zone keyboard layout

  • Optical mouse sensor

Quick comparison of above Wireless Keyboards:

Sr No.
Wireless Keyboards
Mouse Combo
Wireless Range & Connectivity
System Compatibility
Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard
10m range 2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, Chrome OS, Linux kernel 2.6 plus and USB port
603 g
Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard
2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT
322 g
Zaap Trifold-Pro wireless keyboard
2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, Android
185 g
Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard
2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
816 g
HP CS10 Wireless Keyboard
2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Windows, Linux, Mac OS, & Chrome OS
739 g
Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard
2.4 GHz
1 Yr.
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
710 g
Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard
2.4 GHz
2 Yrs.
Android, iOS
481 g
Lenovo 510 Wireless Combo Keyboard & Mouse - GX30N81776
2.4 GHz Wireless via Nano USB
1 Yr.
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
582 g


Selecting a wireless keyboard can be a real task for some people as it is one of the most used input devices for computers. However, this review guide has done a legwork!

The above-mentioned list has the finest wireless keyboards in India. Moreover, it is suggested to review all the products as well as buying guide before purchasing depending upon performance, efficiency and quality of the product.

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