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Travel Router With VPN Support

Traveling in the digital age means staying connected, whether it's for navigating new places, keeping up with work, or staying in touch with loved ones. A reliable travel router can be a game-changer for connectivity, especially in a diverse and vast country like India where internet access can vary greatly from one region to another.
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Travel router

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the quest for the perfect travel companion often leads us to one essential device: the travel router. As we venture across different landscapes, from bustling city centers to serene remote destinations, staying connected safely and efficiently becomes paramount.

This article delves into a comparative analysis of our leading travel routers, meticulously shortlisted based on portable size, speed, security features including VPN support, and versatility in connection types. Whether you are a digital nomad, a frequent business traveler, or simply a tech-savvy tourist, understanding these key aspects will help you choose a router that best fits your travel needs and enhances your on-the-go connectivity experience.

Most importantly, all these router support our Static IP over VPN.


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GL-AR300M16 - Netspace travel Router

Netspaceindia, in collaboration with GL.iNet, a Hong Kong-based technology firm, is excited to introduce the GL-AR300M16, India’s most compact travel router. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our VPN India plans, this router allows users to easily configure their VPN directly on the device.

Once set up, the router assigns a consistent IP address to itself, ensuring that all connected devices share the same IP. In this article, we will delve into the impressive features of the GL-AR300M16 and discuss how it enhances your online security and connectivity on the go.


Max. LAN Data Rate300Mbps
With Modem FunctionNO
Wi-Fi Supported Frequency2.4G
2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate600Mbps
Standards And ProtocolsWi-Fi 802.11b, Wi-Fi 802.11g, Wi-Fi 802.11n
Encryption Type WPA2-PSK, WPA2, WPA
Products Status New
LAN Ports 1
Supports WDS Yes
Wi-Fi Transmission Standard 802.11n
Wired Transfer Rate 10/100Mbps
ApplicationSOHO, travel portable\Broadband VPN
Function FireWall, QoS, VPN
WAN Ports 1

Unique Features

The GL-AR300M16’s ability to convert the WAN port to a LAN port provides exceptional versatility in connectivity options, particularly beneficial for travelers who may need to connect multiple devices in environments where only one Ethernet source is available.

Configure Netspace Static IP VPN

Netspace (India) provides static IP address over VPN, unlike other VPN provider who typically offers dynamic IP address. Netspace (India) IP’s will be Indian Static IP.  once you order you will get a welcome mail which will have following information :


Download The Key

In the mail you will get following information :

  • Your username / Password : This will be require to download your key which will be imported in your router.
  • Login to : This is your login link from which you will get your key. 
  • Download The Software (Optional): The system will give you suggestion to download the software which is a client, this will only needed if you are not using our router.
  • Download The Key: Once the key downloaded keep it safe on your machine.

Configure Router


Boot your router by connecting it to power. Once the router is connected you need to connect router to internet through LAN / WAN or as repeater mode. 

You can do so by logging into default IP from your computer browser. You will be taken to login screen, after which you will  taken to home page of router which will look like below

In the above example we are connected to internet in repeater mode, click on the open vpn client area., you will get an option to upload your key, which you downloaded from Netspaceindia VPN server. 

The key file will be be with extension .ovpn. After which you will get option to connect to VPN over internet. 

Enabling / Disabling Button

You can also enable disable VPN through dedicated physical button  called as “Mode Switch” . from More Setting >> Button Setting >> Switch Action.

button setting


The travel router is a must have router where you have limitation of installation of VPN client on your machine. As the configuration is done on your router nothing is to be done at machine level. 

It is also handy to carry and can be connected to any internet at any location and still you will get the same IP everytime and always. 

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