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Virtualization Meaning – The Basic of Virtualization machine

Meaning of Virtualization

Virtualizationis the creation of a virtual — somewhat than actual — redaction of something.

As you know virtualization is a fairly old technology but it’s still super relevant to building a cloud computing strategy.

So first off what is virtualization?

There are two types of virtualization:
Virtualization Meaning - The Basic of Virtualization machine

Hardware level virtualization

Simply put virtualization is the process of creating a software-based or virtual version at something. Whether that computes, Storage, networking,  servers or applications.
And what makes met urbanization feasible is something called the hypervisor.

And what hypervisor is?

It is simply a piece of software that runs above the physical server or host.
And there are a couple of different types of hypervisor is out there and what they do is essentially pulled the resources from the physical server and allocate them to your virtual environments.

There are two main types of hypervisor is out there one being Type 1 hypervisor (very simple to remember) and two (you guessed it right) Type II hypervisor.

Virtualization technology

  • Type 1 Hypervisor
  • Type 2 Hypervisor

Type I Hypervisor :

so let’s start with type I hypervisor.

This hypervisor is installed directly on top of the physical server they’re also called bare-metal hypervisor.


Type I is most frequently type of use hypervisor and they are most secure they are good with lower latency.
and these are the ones that you’ll see in the market the best some examples will be VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and even Open Source KVM.

the other type of hypervisor is the type II hypervisor.

Type II Hypervisor:

Virtualization Meaning Type 2

what makes these different is that there is a layer of a host OS that sits between the physical server and the hypervisor.
So by that nature, they are also called hosted.

These (Type II) are a lot less frequent, they mostly used for end-user virtualization there a bit higher latency then TYPE I hypervisor.

Now, you can build environments and virtual machines or simply put VM.

let’s spin-up some environments, and these environments in layman language are called VPS Hosting.

What makes VM a VM?

VM is simply a software-based computer, there and as a physical computer they have operating System, application and they are completely independent of one another.
You can run multiple of them on a hypervisor.

The hypervisor manages the resources that are allocated to these virtual environments from the physical server.

Also, because they’re independent you can run different operating systems on different virtual machines, you can windows in one VM and Linux on another hosted under the same hypervisor.

And with the fact they’re independent, they’re also extremely portable, you can move a virtual machine from one hypervisor to another hypervisor on a completely different machine almost just instantaneously which gives you a lot of flexibility and a lot of portability within your environment.

Looking at all of this, This is the core of virtualization, as a process.

let’s talk about a couple of benefits that you want to take away from this article.

Benefits of Virtualization :

  • Cost Savings
    when you think about this and the fact, that you can run multiple virtual environments from one piece of infrastructure or dedicated server.
    Means, that you can drastically reduce physical infrastructure footprint and this is consolidation at its core and the fact that you don’t have to maintain nearly as many servers, run as much electricity save on maintenance cost, means that you save on your a bottom line, at the end of the day.
  • Agility and Speed
    like I said, spinning up a virtual machine is relatively easy and quick, a lot more simple of then provisioning in the entirely new environment.
    For your developers, if you if they say they want to spin up a new environment so that they can run a depth tests in an area or whatever it might be.
    The virtualization makes that process a lot simpler and quicker.
  • Lowers your downtime
    let’s say, that this bare metal server goes out unexpectedly, with the fact that you can move VM from one hypervisor to another on a different physical server.
    Means, that you have a great backup plan in place.
    If one server goes down, you can simply move your VM very quickly to another hypervisor or on a machine that is working.

With this, This is really a virtualization today. Like I said at the beginning of the article ” Virtualization is two decades old technology” to this point. But, it’s super critical to understand it for your cloud technology strategy in today’s world.

If you want to use Netspace (India) hosted VM, you can order it online from this page : VPS Hosting India

Or, If you want us to design and deploy your own private cloud in India or HyperV do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Now, let us under data virtualization.

Data Virtualization

When it comes to data virtualization, it empowers businesses to handle big data and help to make queries across multiple data sources fast and simple without moving data.

Handling big data is another level.


I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.


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