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Linux Shared Hosting?

All Linux Shared Hosting Plans comes with SSD Hosting.

Hosted on real cloud infrastructure, you never have to worry about down time.

The perfect answer for Linux Hosting is to have the Fastest & Best Shared Linux Cpanel Hosting In The Industry, Starting from Just ₹ 89/M + Free Domain with every hosting plan hosted in Linux AWS Cloud Servers.

Linux Hosting

Feature Rich, State of the Art Linux Shared Hosting With Cpanel Plans

Linux Hosting

Rs. 89 / month
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Host Two Website
  • 50 GB of SSD storage space
  • 300 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email ID's
  • 24/7 support
  • Hosted In India

Linux Unlimited

Rs. 350 / month
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Host Unlimited Website
  • Unmetered SSD storage space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email ID's
  • 24/7 support
  • Hosted In India

The Best Linux Shared Hosting In India

Our Shared Linux Hosting Plan is hosted in AWS Cloud Server which again is mapped with SSD drive.

for that extra push, your website needs for speed.

SSD Hosting

Our Linux Hosting plan is good for basic wordpress website.

The One Click application installation option allow you to deploy wordpress in less than 2 sec. 

On every Linux Hosting plan you select, you will get free one year domain registration or transfer. 

This offer is available on .com/.net and .org domain name

web hosting

Features Of Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Cpanel Based Hosting

Netspace(India) Linux Hosting comes with world most trusted Cpanel Control Panel.
Each Linux hosting can be managed with Cpanel account.

When it comes to Shared Hosting In Linux Servers, nothing beats Cpanel. 

Cpanel Hosting enabled us to provide easy to use interface to our customers and customer enjoy well documented hosting managed.

The quantity of tools offered by cPanel web hosting represents a near unlimited number of possibilities in which users can manage their website or server. The graphical user interface along with the automation tool simplifies the process of hosting a website. We’ve taken the most popular features of cPanel and have broken them down for you. 

To know more about Cpanel Do visit our Cpanel KB area or this video will sum it up for you. 

Powered By Cloud Linux

Even under shared hosting we manage each account under Cloud Linux system. 

Which give each account total security and fair share limit. 
Making sure all user are safe under the allocated space. 

The Video here explain how to cloud linux work and how our Linux Shared Hosting customer get benefits from it.

Each plan have its own limitation managed through Cloud Linux

CloudLinux OS is designed for Linux shared hosting.

It isolates each customer of cpanel into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant. 

cloud linux

CloudFlare Powered

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that acts as a middle layer between your actual hosting provider and the user browsing your site using your domain’s name.

Which give you extra layer of protection and as Cloudflare is CDN network provider, your website will be faster compare to website without cloudflare. 

JetBackup (Optional Service)

Each Linux Hosting plan comes with optional service of Jetbackup, which enable you to manage your website data remotely  and managed by our AWS Cloud Management team. 

You can directly manage your backup service using Jet backup solution provided to you through Cpanel. 

Protected By Imunify360

Imunify360 is a next-generation security solution built for Linux servers.

It uses cloud heuristics and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks for your website. 

Keeping malicious code out of your files is essential to protect your websites, be they based on PHP (such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), or built with classic, static HTML. 

Netspace (India) takes your website security very seriously due to which all our Linux Based Shared Hosting with imunify360.  

Other Specialised Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

When it comes to high traffic WordPress. Then Netspace (India).
Our Specialised WordPress hosting comes with state of art pre-configration that is best recommend by wordpress.

magento hosting

Magento Hosting

Our Magento Hosting provide the most stable, secure & scalable built-in Magento hosting solutions for your Magento.
Hosted on real cloud infra & option to select more then 25 datacenter location.

windows reseller hosting with plesk

Windows Hosting

Plesk Powered Windows Hosting plan. Comes with SSD Hosting and support .NET and MSSQL technology.
With more then 50 servers we host around 3000+ website on windows hosting.

Best Of Linux Hosting

Add More Power To Your Hosting

Apart from all the above pre installed services with our Cpanel Hosting Service you can always look for add-on services which we have discussed here.  

“Your Success” Those are not just only words but really something we try to find each and everyday.

We actually would like you to be successful!

Your visitor satisfaction speed, bounce speed and above all your conversion speed are directly affected by your page loading rate.

Each excess millisecond of webpage load time can adversely affect every one of those significant metrics.

There are a range of ways you could make sure your site loads fast.

That includes making certain your software is current, using caching options and eliminate any plugins.

But, among the most vital factors for deciding your page loading speed is the own host. Netspace (India) Hosting utilizes the very best hardware, applications and optimizations to make certain you receive the quickest page loads speeds potential.

Have you got any internet hosting service inquiries?

You are in luck! Our incredible 24/7/365 service team fittingly called the Pro Crew is here to assist.

From now! You create amazing projects and require a Shared Hosting supplier who will maintain.

Trust us. We are so convinced of the fact, we provide an Anytime Money Back Guarantee letting you attempt us totally risk free.

What exactly are you waiting for?

Offer your website and company the fosters they deserve!

What Else Makes Linux Shared Hosting Better With Netspace (India)?

Faster Web Hosting

We endeavor to differ from those other Shared hosting suppliers.

We do not do some generic support.

As you probably know our goal each day is to be the quickest web hosting supplier and extend tools which other hosts are just not able to provide you with.

While we will not give away the whole recipe to get our distinctive speed sauce, then here are a number of ingredients that guarantee blazing fast performance.

Turbo Server Choice – 

Should you truly wish to give your website an edge of the competition, you’ll absolutely need to think about hosting your websites on our Turbo Servers.

Why? They comprise around 20X quicker page loads in contrast to competing hosting providers.

Now that is really quick! Only a couple of the characteristics which produce our Turbo Servers work so good are that they utilize a rate improved, drop-in Apache option, have less users on every Turbo server and each Turbo user gets more funds allocated to their accounts.

You may read more about this instrument under.

Those other hosts don’t permit these caching solutions in their shared servers or else they are simply not able to.

We really offer you this instrument that will assist you prepare the caching on your websites!

How can these caching options make your website load faster?

By keeping key elements of your site in memory for quicker retrieval whenever your website is obtained by a single of your site traffic.

This prevents each bit of your site from needing to load for every one of your customers.

Your website is instead more easily available because crucial parts of your site (broken down under ) can load quicker.

Memcached –

Boosts the rate of your databases by simply maintaining the most essential parts of your MySQL databases in memory for quicker access when visiting your website.

Turbo Cache –

makes hosting feasible to load all of the HTML content of your website without even needing to conduct PHP!

OPcache –

Offers around 50% quicker PHP answer times!

SSDs are included at no cost in our SwiftServer system and feature around 300% faster page loads in comparison with conventional hosting!

Unlike those classic hard disk drives which utilize spinning disks to get an info (think about a listing player/turntable), Solid Condition ) use flash technology to get its own data.

Flash technology is significantly more compact, lighter and above all provides faster functionality for your site.

You would like to host your site as near to your customers as possible to decrease latency. That is why we provide data centre alternatives located around the world!

You are able to select the one nearest to your customers.

This means you receive all of the Netspace (India) speed attributes with the additional advantage of decreased latency.

Free Content Delivery Network – Even though you are able to pick your data centre place at Netspace (India) Hosting so that your website is hosted as near as you can to the vast majority of your site traffic, you still desire cater to the remainder of your traffic if they do not live so near!

That way all your customers can see how fast your website loads.

Our CDN automatically routes your visitors through its smart worldwide network to maximize the shipping of your website.

How does this function?

The CDN delivers a high number of global data centers. It can get the quickest, most effective path from such data centers back to your own web server than could otherwise be accessible to your customers.

The pc is linked to the internet host and the website can be looked at after this IP address is situated.

The DNS record is on a DNS server located in 1 location.

By way of instance, if you are found in the uk, however your visitor is situated in the USA, it may take a while for this DNS server along with your visitor’s personal computer to communicate with one another.

This will slow down how quickly a webpage loads.

Netspace (India) Hosting utilizes Cloud Flare DNS and CDN since that resolves this situation.

Instead of only 1 DNS place, Cloud Flare DNS reproduces your DNS record on the network of international servers.

This usually means your DNS record is a lot nearer to your customers and Cloud Flare can lead traffic to your DNS server situated closely with them.

Simply speaking, Cloud Flare DNS is just another Netspace (India) Hosting solution which may assist your website load much faster for your customers.

What and Why Of Linux Hosting?

Netspace (India) started Linux Hosting from 2007, till then we have hosted more than 15000 websites on our web servers around the globe.

Below is all what we know and what you should know about Linux Shared Hosting before you buy any Linux hosting plan above.

You can take Linux shared hosting is the basics of web hosting industry, Almost all hosting company will provide you access to Linux Hosting and it also the cheapest of all web hosting types available to you.

Our Linux Hosting plan is hosted on AWS Cloud platform. With cloud hosting service in mind and our motto to deliver the best possible infrastructure, we have designed everything for you. So, You can have a smooth running website all the time.

The Linux Shared hosting is basically a server running in CentOS operating system with SSD Hosting Disk, Apache web server and MySQL Database.

When you choose a Linux Hosting Plan from above you get some part of our infrastructure to host your website.

You will only get some part of server resources for your website to run (which is more than enough, for most of the small and medium website). However, We highly recommend reading Linux Shared Hosting limitation before buying any shared hosting plan.

If you have a small website like the corporate website or portfolio website, or you are a designer and you want to showcase your website design to your customer, The we recommend going with Linux Shared Hosting plans.

However, if you have high traffic website. Like WordPress based high traffic blog then you should go for our WordPress hosting plan or you have high traffic e-commerce Magento website then you should go for Magento Hosting.

If you are still not able to make your mind or you have any query, you can contact Netspace (India) support team and we will be happy to guide you.

You should understand that this is a shared hosting environment and you should never misuse the resources allocated to you, As it may affect your neighbours sharing the same resources with you on the same server.

We do take care of all the system administrator part for you, but still, you should keep this points in mind while using Linux shared hosting environment.

It depends upon the user to user, don’t just go by a price of the plan look into the limitation given on every plan.

Also, Do opt-in for Business email plan for each email if you are planning to use while ordering your Linux shared hosting plan.

This will give you better control of your email services.

We recommend reading Types of Email Services to understand, why we are recommending this.

Long answer short, Yes you can resell Linux Shared Hosting plans to your customer.

There are two ways to do this :

Once you have order our Linux Hosting Plan, You will get detail instruction on email for login process.