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Experience one of the most popular Linux shared hosting services with Netspace (India) with an affordable price and flexibility. Hosting plan compatible with Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP and supports scripts such as WordPress.

Choose the best combination of flexibility, stability, and extreme level of security to your websites with the power of AWS Cloud Server and SSD Drive.


Netspace (India), Is a proud partner of Cpanel. 

All our shared hosting plans come with Cpanel, which is the industry's best webserver management application. 

 With Imunify360, we provide a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers.

 Cloudflare is a web infrastructure security company that provides DDoS mitigation and internet security to our customers.


With Cloud Linux OS, we simplify hosting solutions and aids to develop, deploy and scale easier.


With the JetBackup partnership program, we aim at delivering the best backup solution for our Linux shared hosting plan.

By providing marketgoo as an addon we aim at helping customers deliver an exceptional experience and make them succeed online with the best SEO tools.

We are known to be the best web services provider in India powered by cloud services like Amazon.

LIGHTSPEED help our customer to run website faster, almost 5x faster. 

SiteLock helps us in building hosting security with best-in-class industry standards. 

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Trailer made linux shared hosting just for you

Linux Web Hosting Plans

Solo Basic

Go Online Plan

27/m ₹200/m

Best for simple HTML Website

Host One Domain
200 MB of Bandwidth
Two Email Id's
Mysql DB
Free Domain

Solo World

Baby Step Plan

Host One Domain
400 MB Bandwidth
Six Email Id's
Free Domain

Solo Gold

Ground Is Ready

Host One Domain
200 GB Bandwidth
10 Email Id's
Free Domain

Basic Multi

First Multi Domain

99/m ₹400/m
Free Domain
200 GB of Bandwidth
15 Email Id's

Basic World

Best For Most Customers

Free Domain
500 GB Bandwidth
25 Email Id's

Basic Gold

For Webmasters

Free Domain
Unmetered SSD HDD
2 TB Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Id's
Unlimited MySQL DB

Specially designed plan considering the major terms of THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000 India and implementing it with cost-effective manner for MSME industry of India

Corporate Basic

Linux Hosting For Non-Proft

2.5k/m ₹3750/m

Best For Small Corporate Website

Host One Domain
500 GB of Bandwidth
Dedicated 2 CPU
Dedicated 2 GB RAM
Free Domain For Lifetime
Hosted on AWS Cloud
5x Faster (LiteSpeed)
Free SSL
Dedicated IP
Imunify 360 Protection
6 Month Backup
10 Email Id's
10 Mysql DB
Basic Phone Support
Hosted in India

Corporate Advance

MSME Hosting Plans


Get your corporate website on the right cloud.

Host One Domain
1000 GB Bandwidth
Dedicated 2 CPU
Dedicated 4 GB
Free Domain For Lifetime
Hosted on AWS Cloud
7x Faster (Lite Speed)
Free SSL
Dedicated IP
Imunify 360 Protection
6 Month Backup
20 Email Id's
10 Mysql DB
Phone Support
Hosted in India

Corporate Gold

Before Dedicated


For high traffic corporate website

Host One Domain
1500 GB bandwidth
Dedicated 3 CPU
Dedicated 6 GB RAM
Free Domain For Lifetime
Hosted on AWS Cloud
9x Faster (Lite Speed)
Free SSL
Dedicated IP
6 Month Backup
50 Email Id's
10 Mysql DB
Phone Support
Hosted in India

Download Free Shared Hosting Whitepaper

Confused about the right hosting plan? Download the white paper about shared hosting. Compare All shared hosting, side-by-side which will help you choose the right plan for your next big website.

Why Linux Cpanel Hosting ?

When it comes to Shared Hosting in Linux Servers, nothing beats Cpanel. 

Cpanel Hosting enables an easy-to-use interface for our customers, and customers enjoy well-documented hosting management.

The quantity of tools offered by cPanel web hosting represents a nearly unlimited number of possibilities in which users can manage their website or server. The graphical user interface along with the automation tool simplifies the process of hosting a website. We’ve taken the most popular features of cPanel and have broken them down for you. 

To know more about Cpanel, visit the Cpanel KB area, or this video will sum it up for you. 

Free Domain + 1 Free Transfer

Get Your Identity

Free Domain Registration

With every Cpanel Linux shared hosting, each customer will get one free domain registration or one domain transfer while registering a domain name.

1 Rs. Domain Transfer

After placing an order, you will get a special code to transfer the .com or .in domain for just Rs. 1 along with a one-year renewal from any provider.

Under The Hood

Powered By Cpanel

Our Linux Shared Hosting plans come with Cpanel pre-installed. Which is the world’s most trusted brand when it comes to server management. 

Netspace being a Partner of Cpanel understands the importance of better management of servers due to which we trust heavily on industry leaders like Cpanel. 

Managed Through Cloud Linux

Even under shared hosting, we manage each account under the Cloud Linux system. 

This feature gives each account total security and a fair share limit making sure all users are safe under the allocated space. 

The video here explains how cloud Linux works and how our Linux Shared Hosting customer gets benefits from it.

Each plan has its limitation managed through Cloud Linux

CloudLinux OS is designed for Linux shared hosting.

It isolates each customer of Cpanel into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant.

Acronis Backup

All our Linux shared hosting plans come with Acronis backup solution, which is another industry leader when it comes to backup solutions.

We understand mistake does happen that is the reason we keep backup of everything on our servers which comes as standard with our all plans. 

We keep Monthly: 1 month, Weekly: 1 week, and Daily: 7 days backup in rotation. This can be managed through Cpanel. 

Domain Transfer Offer

We want our customers to have full control of your services that is the reason we provide one domain transfer offer for Just Rs. 1 along with a one-year renewal with every Linux shared hosting plan. 


Virus and Malware Protection

Imunify360 is a next-generation security solution built for Linux servers.

It uses cloud heuristics and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks for your website. 

Keeping malicious code out of your files is essential to protect your websites, whether based on PHP (such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) or built with classic, static HTML. 

Netspace (India) takes your website security very seriously. Therefore, all our Linux Based Shared Hosting comes with imunify360.  

Free SSL (Make your website https://)

Publishing a website without an SSL certificate in place can negatively impact your online authority.  In fact, Google considers SSL-enabled websites to give a higher rank compared to non-SSL websites (Read:  SEO Factors ).  

We give the highest value to user data security due to which all our plans come default with an SSL certificate (No extra charges.)

Multi Domain Linux Hosting Plans

To keep service, even more, cost-effective for clients who want to host multiple websites under the same hosting plan we have Multi Domains plans.

Which allows you to manage all your Hosted websites under one Cpanel account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Netspace (India) started Linux Hosting in 2007. Since then, we have successfully hosted more than 15,000 websites on our web servers around the globe. Below is all that we know and what you should know about Linux Shared Hosting.

It depends upon the user to user, don’t just go by the price of the plan, also look at the limitations given.

Additionally, while ordering your Linux shared hosting plan, opt-in for a Business email plan for each email if you plan to use it.

This plan will give you better control of your email services.

Consider Linux shared hosting as the basics of the web hosting industry. Almost all hosting companies will provide access to Linux Hosting. It is also the cheapest of all web hosting types available to you.

Yes, you can resell Linux Shared Hosting plans to your customer.

There are two ways to do this. The first is by becoming an affiliate of Netspace (India) and start getting commissions on every sale you make.

Secondly, you can buy a Linux Reseller Plan and start selling your plan at personalized rates. (Tip: Read: 5 DIGITAL SERVICES THAT YOU CAN RESELL

If you have a small website like a corporate website or portfolio website, or you are a designer and want to showcase your website design to your customer, we recommend going with Linux Shared Hosting plans.

However, if you have a high traffic website such as a WordPress-based high-traffic blog then go with our WordPress hosting plan.

If you have a high traffic ecommerce Magento website, then you should go with Magento Hosting


Usually, the account gets activated within a few seconds. 

You should understand that this is a shared hosting environment and you should never misuse the resources allocated to you, as it may affect your neighbors sharing the same resources with you on the same server.

We do take care of all the system administrator parts for you but still, you should keep these points in mind while using Linux shared hosting environment.

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