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VPS Hosting India

With our customers in focus, We have designed a web hosting platform which give full range of option. With around 25 datacenters location around the globe you will never run out of option for your web hosting need, including VPS Hosting in India.

Cloud VPS Hosting India platform with maximum speed and stable VPS in India

Stop sharing web server resources and choose a Linux virtual server (VPS). 

Take full control in your hands with the most powerful Cloud VPS hosting.  Dedicate to your websites a dedicated server space, full SSH root access, a cloud infrastructure and almost unlimited resource scalability with lower costs.

VPS simple and inexpensive hosting the same way as the web hosting plan! at an additional cost, you can also opt-in for managed India VPS Server service

Types of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is basically divided into two types Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. As you may have guessed these names are derived from the type of OS the VPS server is hosting.

At Netspace (India), The customer can select a different type of windows and Linux OS flavours,  You can select from windows 2008 to 2012 and in Linux, you can select Ubuntu, CentOS and many more.

Windows VPS Hosting

windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS will give you full access to your Remote Desktop (RDP) and you can work as you are working on your local machine.

You should adopt a Windows VPS when you are also looking to manage DB like MSSql. .Net is another most used 

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

All VPS server comes with (SSDs) solid state drives.

 our Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting) give an endless control to developers, designers & businesses the extra edge they need in terms of power, stability and speed to successfully run any kind of web-sites & applications.

List Of VPS Plans

CPURAMHDD (SD)BandwidthStarting FromLocationConfigure OS and Panel
1360 GB1000 GB /mINR 1020 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
2260 GB1000 GB /mINR 1020 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
3160 GB1000 GB /mINR 1020 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
2480 GB1000 GB /mINR 1530 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
48160 GB2000 GB /mINR 2891 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
832480 GB8000 GB /mINR 12636 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
1248640 GB9000 GB /mINR 20412 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
1664960 GB10000 GB /mINR 30000 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
20961280 GB11000 GB /mINR 40824 /mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>
241281980 GB12000 GB /mINR 60264 / mVPS Hosting IndiaIndiaConfigure VPS Server >>

2019 Best performance VPS India Hosting Plans

All VPS hosting India server is located at different location of India, with world-class datacenter facilities in India.

These are not most selling VPS Plan with Netspace (India), each of the listed plans is based on a different level of user and requirements.

Netspace (India) have an SSD Hosting Based VPS Solution, which makes our VPS fast and reliable VPS solution provider for you.

Our VPS Server a designed from high traffic website to basic beta website.

If you have a complex website which needs a hassle-free migration, then our Migration expert is always there for you.

All our VPS plan comes with free migration expert support with phone support.

VPS Hosting

You Couldn't Dream Up Better VPS Hosting In India

We use KVM hypervisor for all our VPS hosting in India, KVM act as a virtualization layer in Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).

Our best practice configuration process saves your time when running and scaling website or your application applications, in the cloud and in the fly.

We help you deploy projects using preconfigured servers images, like LAMP, WordPress or any other famous application.

With our global load balancer Keep your application up and running smoothly by distributing traffic across different servers in India.

Netspace (India) managed solution help you migrate and keep running your website smoothly.

All our plans are designed by hardcore server manager for the hardcore business.

We understand the criticalness of the application server and so we build our servers from ground earth customizable at any level.

What Is VPS Hosting?

It’s also known as a virtual dedicated host, or VDS Hosting.

VPS hosting provide increased control and supply you with the capacity to perform more complex functions with your site.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS server area is divided up into mid size units.

To be able to acquire a better comprehension of the popular hosting choice, you want to first comprehend dedicated server hosting and exactly what a VPS really is.

Dedicated servers deliver many positive aspects, such as safety, privacy, and a range of committed resources.

Having a dedicated server, there is no competing with other sites for storage space, bandwidth, and rate.

It genuinely is perfect for dynamic sites or some other large enterprise-level website with thousands or hundreds of daily traffic.

A VPS on the other hand, provides a comparable hosting environment to a dedicated host, but works via shared hosting.

To put it differently, you are still sharing a server along with other electronic publishers, however you need additional privacy and capacities.

A VPS web host has to offer scalable and flexible strategies, highly secure data centres, and first and foremost, a super-friendly and educated support team using a whole lot of experience in addressing a wide-variety of host configurations.

Fastest VPS In India

Smaller sites with fewer pages and page views really do just fine using regular shared hosting, But when it comes to bigger websites with hundreds of pages and tens of thousands or millions of page views certainly require the qualities and advantages of dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, is an perfect solution for medium-sized companies and websites with an adequate number of frequent traffic.

Based on where your website stacks up, there is definitely a hosting option available for you.

Netspace (India) offers the economical quick VPS Hosting solution to fulfill your requirements.

Why A VPS Server?

Shared Hosting is designed for smaller sites with no necessity for a great deal of bandwidth and storage area, shared hosting is a popular alternative for many website owners.

However, after your site outgrows the constraints of hosting, a VPS will probably be the following step.

A vital facet of VPS hosting is its own virtualization capabilities.

With VPS, the hosting supplier divides every single physical server into several smaller virtual servers with both dedicated and private RAM and hard disk space.

This provides website owners with a more remote hosting surroundings without disruptions from different customers sharing server area.

All these additional features make VPS web hosting perfect for smaller publishers and companies that need added reassurance and do not mind paying for this. If you are concerned about the functioning of your website being influenced by other people on a shared hosting plan, a VPS is certainly the best way to go.

Packed with experts and cons with hardly any disadvantages, a virtual private server is a great compromise involving the affordability of shared hosting along with the privacy, safety, and functionality of dedicated hosting.

Clients share the Price of server hardware even though having attributes located with dedicated hosting.

A VPS Server could be set-up in almost no time.

Greater host access, Enabling You to control its preferences.

The ability to print and eliminate websites right from your control panel.

VPS applications could be installed and altered at will.

Each VPS section is conducted in a personal environment that’s inaccessible and cannot be disrupted or seen by means of a VPS burglar on the machine.

VPS hosting provides the Exact Same level of system management as discovered on a dedicated host.

Along with these benefits, VPS Server hosting also lets you alter your operating system exactly like a dedicated host.

Like anything else in life, nevertheless, there are a Couple of potential drawbacks to using a VPS Too, for example:

If you’re not familiar with control line, there’s the prospect of making a mistake.

Are you struggling with the digital server hosting notion? Try out this institution to better comprehend the VPS Web Hosting atmosphere. Consider comparing a web host to a apartment building Which Can Be split in two manners:

1.) The construction can be broken up into flats where each is somewhat bigger, individual dwelling; as a server could be broken up into VPSes which are basically smaller, individual servers.

2.) Another choice is leaving the apartment building as a huge, only house; like an whole host may be used to get a gigantic, single dedicated hosting accounts.

VPS Hosting - Need A Different VPS Plan?

Did’t find a service that is suitable for your specific hosting requirements?

Do not worry, we’ve got you covered! 

On the Lookout for a brand new domain name or SSL Certification? We have got you covered there too! 

Just click on the button below to go to our Web Hosting India Services webpage. 

That is where you are going to see a complete breakdown of all our high speed hosting providers.

VPS Knowledge Base

Virtual Private Servers commonly known as VPS, enable you to save all files and data for your website on webspace that has been configured to look and feel like a dedicated server.

Configuring and running a cloud server environment requires a high level of expertise which in the end can provide you with stable running VPS on virtualisation.

We have written a detailed article about the meaning of  Virtualization and how it works, but still listed below are some basic know-how about VPS.

VPS is basically created by distributing one or more than one physical server resources to create virtual servers.

In a layman level, It is like Linux Shared Hosting or Windows Shared Hosting but with full access.

As you have full access to your Virtually created server, you can manage the application with more control without any limitation.

Let’s take an example of Java Application, In a Shared hosting environment do not support java application but the same can be done in VPS.

Let’s imagine you want to register a DLL for your application and you want administrator access, this can be done in our Windows VPS Hosting.

The Basic VPS Hosting Plan starts from Rs.500/m.
But do keep consideration for the management cost if you are looking to outsource managed service.

There is VPS provider you will offer you cheap VPS hosting in India, however, the performance also not reliable.

The Cheapest VPS Hosting India plan we have is the basic plan.
However, We only recommend this server for VPN setup, This is the best VPS hosting in India plan which is specially designed for VPN setup in India.

When you talk about Virtual Private Server hosting in India, you also have to think about the expertise involved in managing a VPS Server.

All plan listed above is low cost VPS hosting India plan, due to which they are unmanaged.
Netspace (India) understand the requirements of customers due to which all VPS plan comes with the option to add Managed solution as an addon pack.

  • VPS operating System / Control Panel installation and reinstalls
  • Repair of any VPS service that is not functioning, like:
    • Web Server (Apache, Http)
    • Mail Server (Exim, Mail Enabled)
    • DNS Server
    • SQL Server (Mysql, MSSQL)
    • FTP Server
  • Installation of Windows Updates if required
  • Initial IIS server setup and installation.
  • .Net installation

Above are a few examples, Do contact our support team if you have any specific requirements and we will be happy to help you out.

Most of the customer’s windows VPS hosting India plan, due to the fact that they are using windows at there work or home PC.

You should go for Windows OS in your VPS plan if you have any of the following requirements:

  1. Use VPS as a workstation
  2. A requirement of the .Net based application.
  3.  Use of MSSQL database
  4. Use of any kind of application which required Windows OS a base.

apart of the above-listed point, everything else can be managed through Linux Based OS.

Selecting a Linux VPS Plan you will able to get cheap VPS hosting plan as windows OS required a licence to operate.

The best tip for selecting a VPS server is to understand the requirements of your application.

Most of the basic website will work fine in a shared web hosting India environment, The next point explains this point in details.

When a customer shift from shared hosting to the VPS hosting plan, the first thing he notices is the power of administrator or root account.

Customers are able to get more control of the server environment and work as a dedicated server even with shared resources.

In the share hosting the resources are limited and there is very low space for upgradation. But, when you Need more RAM or CPU in VPS server, you can simply upgrade to a higher version of VPS.

Netspace (India) Provide high CPU resources machine, memory intense optimised machine. Do, you can decide which one to go about.

Whenever you feel your application require more control and more resources than shared hosting then is the right time to upgrade to VPS server.