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Assessment of website

strength vs. competitors, Which type of hosting to choose? What should be your next 5 steps?

keywords To Focus

We will send you a spreadsheet after meeting

Power Plan

Current Website / SEO gaps/errors and best go-forward strategy

Consultation and Recommendations for your website

Not sure where to start?

All of our monthly Pro Managed plans have always included strategy consultations, and it has proved to be so valuable to our members that we decided to also make it an optional 1x service.

In this (Zoom) meeting you will be connected live to one of our senior Growth Experts (7+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience) that will help you map out a custom growth strategy. During this meeting, they will assess the strength of your website, analyze your competitors, and learn about your online goals. Next, they will help you formulate an overall SEO and marketing strategy based on their findings. These meetings always provide a lot of value to our members and are designed to help everyone from business owners that are brand new to online marketing and SEO to people that are already experienced, digital marketers.

15 min Zoom strategy session with a senior Expert

– Rs. 2500/-

Your new website:

We will discuss about

Assessment of website strength vs. competitors
Benchmarking (clicks to call ratio, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc..)
Appropriate and best keywords to go after (they’ll send you a spreadsheet after meeting)
Analytics analysis
Core Vitals analysis
Analysis of current Google map listing (for service businesses)
Current SEO gaps/errors and best go-forward strategy based on your goals
Anything else you or your Growth Expert thinks is relevant!
Viability of Facebook/Instagram advertising for your specific business

At the end of the meeting, you should have a good idea of where you currently stand, and a much better idea of how to move forward, both in terms of SEO and digital marketing.

If you already know you want SEO services, you can save time by just purchasing one of our Fully Managed Website Development and  SEO packages, which includes a full consultation.


Once you purchase this service one of our senior Experts will reach out to you via email to schedule a Zoom meeting.

They can usually work with you to find a convenient time in your schedule within 3-5 business days. We can accommodate most time zones and have members everywhere in India. Our customer support can send you directions on how to download Zoom as well (free online meeting software). If you cannot download Zoom or a scheduling issue arises (certain time zones can be difficult), we will happily and immediately refund your purchase price.

We look forward to meeting you!

This is not a sales meeting, but if you decide to purchase any of our Fully Managed Services after this consultation, we will discount the first month by the amount above (since we provide this service anyway as part of all of our managed packages).

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