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What Are The Requirements To Register Domain

Are you looking to take your business online with a extension? Then, you must follow specific rules and carry legal requirements to register the domain. Without understanding them, you can't proceed forward. Here are different types of domain name and the legal requirements for registering them
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What are the requirements to register domain

In today’s world, people quickly search  online to know about brands or businesses. 

If your business has an online presence, then more likely, you can convert a lead as your customer. If not, then you will still be waving traditionally to find clients.

Even though you have an A+ product or service, you will be still waving and can’t take up the universal market and make  a huge profit.

That’s the reason why a business presence online is crucial than ever before.

If you’re someone who has a product or service that attracts Australians and looking for more clients, then it’s time to cater to them online.

Your presence will make people recognize and trust your business as a brand, which in return will increase your profitability.

In order to accumulate that, there is something more important you have to add-on to reach your Australian customer to embrace their trust – that’s domain name.

But, to register a domain, there are certain limitations and requirements. This blog explains the requirement phenomenon and rules to register a domain in detail. Keep reading!

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Different Types of .AU Domain

The .AU is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) managed and controlled by the Australian Domain Name Authority(auDA).

You can’t claim a .au extension directly, and there is some secondary level domain (e.g., added with the extensions which are accessible. Based on the website’s purpose – the domain name will be allocated. 

In fact, there are eight different secondary level domain names which are categorized into three types. Here they are:

  1. Commercial purpose
  2. Non-commercial or non-profitable purpose 
  3. Individual purpose

Under commercial purpose, there are two different domains available and are allocated only for the sole-traders, registered and profit-making companies. The domains are:

  • COM.AU
  • .NET.AU

Then comes the Non-commercials purpose. Five different domains come under this category and are allocated only for certain sectors like educational institutions, governments, political parties, clubs, and non-profitable organizations. The domains distributed for these categories are:

  • .ORG.AU (the public can utilize this domain if they’re running a non-profitable organization)
  • .EDU.AU
  • .ASN.AU 
  • .GOV.AU

Here comes the last category – individual, which stands with a single domain, and it is:

  • .ID.AU – This domain name is designated only for Australian individual citizens or residents.

Among these eight domains, only five secondary level domains are accessible by the public, and they are –,,,, and

How To Register

When it comes to the quest – how to register The Domain registration process requires an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number(ACN), or Trademark Number for verification.

When you’re registering for a commercial purpose, it’s ok  to have any of the above-given documents. 

But, when it comes to non-commercial domains like and, you must have a registration certificate from ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) to acquire a charity ABN.

Those are the inevitable legal requirements for buying domain, with which you can easily register domain at an affordable price.

Can Indians Register

As of now, you will be clear about the domain types, their purpose, and the requirement for buying the domain.

But, the quest that lies here is – can Indians register or a business organization from any other nation can register

The answer is no!

Unless or until the company has an overseas license to trade in Australia or has a partnership with an Australian commercial statutory body, you can’t register in India.  

Without ABN, ACN, or any other legal requirements, you can’t get a .au domain registration; if you have any one of the requirements, you can get it done in an instant, staying anywhere in the country.

For instance, if you wish to utilize the business opportunity in Australia, you can use domains like .com, .net, .info, .org to reach Australian clients and other countries’ firms. You can claim these domains at a cheap domain registration cost in India.


A website is your shop, and the domain name is your brand.

Without a shop, you can’t showcase your business; without a name, your business won’t be recognized by the people.

A good domain name is like that; it will be remembered by the people and improve your credibility.

Before you purchase a .au domain name, consider other second-level domains’ purpose to finalize the one suitable for you.

Along with that, if you’re planning to run an online business in Australia, then you must need an ABN or ACN to register domain. 

Without that, you can’t purchase a .au extension domain. So, ensure you have all the legally required documents in hand to buy a domain name. 

If you have any queries about the topic, please leave your questions  in the comment. We’d surely solve it.

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