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magento ECommerce

Why Magento Is Still The Best in eCommerce Industry compare to other platform

Do you Know what is common in  Coca-ColaFoxconnectFordOlympusVizioNestle Nespresso ?

Go have a look into the links provided above and then come back to this article?

Well, By now you must have guessed, they all use Magento eCommerce platform.

here is one more mind-blowing fact :

over a quarter of all eCommerce stores in the world are powered Magento eCommerce, This makes Magento a giant in the e-commerce industry.

In the past couple of years demonstrate real increase for”plug-and-play” eCommerce programs like Shopify, Volusion, etc..

But for many eCommerce Shop owners, retailers, and programmers, Magento stays the prime requirement for their internet eCommerce project.

So what actually makes Magento exceptional and also the preferred of the eCommerce market?

Let us check out some details which can allow you to realize why Magento remains considered an eCommerce giant.

Magento eCommerce Is an Open Source Platform

Magento is a totally free eCommerce system launched under Open Source License ver 3.0 and constructed using PHP and other open source resources.

By employing these technologies and staying open source implies that Magento as a stage has many distinct benefits over the competition.

The design is extremely adaptable and may be altered endlessly to precisely fit project requirements.

Utilizing open source tools also suggests that the system ensures a strong performance and improved security for retailers and developers.

Custom Designed for Ecommerce

Nowadays all important CMS’s such as WordPress, Drupal and many others provide eCommerce capabilities (straight from the box in some instances!).

But, Magento is designed using an eCommerce-only strategy.

Thus Magento powered eCommerce options offer you a much better experience to everybody, from the development team to the shop administrators to end users that come to shop in the storefront.

Over decades, Magento has turned into a feature-rich eCommerce option which comes prepackaged with the vital tools required to develop an eCommerce webshop.

The Big Magento Community

Where there is an open source program, there’s a community!

Considering that Magento is a remarkably popular open source eCommerce platform.

there are a massive community of shop owners, retailers, programmers, designers, agencies, eCommerce consultants, technology solutions suppliers, and basic end users around the world who discuss everything Magento in good details.

This big neighbourhood guarantees that the platform stays up-to-date, quick, reliable, secure and free of bugs.

The fantastic thing about the community is that the really welcoming nature which makes every novice feel right at home.

No Web Hosting Related Restrictions

Contrary to Shopify and Volusion (the”created for eCommerce” programs ), Magento lets you decide on the Magento hosting option of your own choice.

This way you can choose the very best hosting solution provider that fulfils your needs and your budget.

Likewise, when it’s time to migrate your store, there are no limitations on where and when you can host your store.

Default Web Responsive Design

The talk of mobile devices in global eCommerce transactions is quickly growing and shortly it will surpass the rest of the device types.

Recognizing that, Magento integrates HTML5 capacities, making sure that the storefront has a responsive website design that caters perfectly to mobile devices.

Additionally, Magento provides features like Griding, picture scaling, AV capacities, gesture controllers, drag-and-drop, etc..

Third Party Components Integration

Third party extensions and plugins significantly ease out the lifestyles of Magento shop administrators and programmers.

Magento delivers limitless and limitation free integration of third-party elements, thus shortening the creation and installation timeframes considerably.

The fantastic thing is that a lot of these elements are absolutely free to use. Others are offered for only a few bucks.

With the support of extensible API from Magento, you can connect to almost any program or some other plug in your choice with no hurdles.

When it is a payment gateway, an analytics application or shipping, and monitoring method, you just have to discover the ideal extension and plug it into Magento Store.

Magento Extensions & Customization Options

Every business has its own eCommerce store layout traditions.

What works for apparel & fashion might not work for a furniture retailer.

Likewise, size, a scale of operations, customer care demands, charging and delivery choices, etc. pose various challenges in the eCommerce environment.

Magento is an extremely customizable eCommerce system. It permits you to create incredible frontend user adventures by editing templates and layouts or add new colours and designs of your choice.

Backend refinements may also be redesigned to meet business requirements by copying the code, changing occasions and grids.

Among the crucial factors of interest for many Magento users is that the huge market for modules and extensions.

Magento users may find several extensions effortlessly to expand and personalize their shops and differentiate their storefront by the opponents’ by using different augmentations.

Very Quick & Scalable

If it has to do with page loading speed, Magento is a definite winner!

You can follow the best practice methods for hosting Magento to get the best of your eCommerce.

Slow loading online shops go down really quickly.

Oftentimes, the reduction from pages that are slow is permanent and significantly contributes to the demise of the small business.

Magento using high-end caching technology like the Cloudways Total Page Cache along with other database optimization methods like Memcached and Redis accelerate the shops considerably.

Magento is acceptable for small to big (and even enormous ) eCommerce stores only because it’s flexible enough to grow along with your business.

In fact, Magento may surprise you with its functionality, stability, and dependability.

Multiple Shops

Many eCommerce platforms allow you to have one shop per account.rather

With Magento, you can set up multiple stores which could be handled through one backend rather than multiple admin areas.

It’s possible to control stores’ stock, orders, billing, client information, employing one admin panel.

Each store may have distinct themes and templates related to them.

You could even assign a subdomain for different stores.

Because of the simplicity of controlling each of the stores concurrently through one admin panel, This simplifies management of multi-stores.


Magento ECommerce

Magento VS Other ECommerce Market Holding

Magneto supplies a whole lot of functionalities that help programmers create the ideal shop for their clientele.

The tools to manage products, online transactions, discounts management to mention a few regions where Magento outperforms the competition.

But, remember that Magento isn’t a plug and perform eCommerce solution. It will call for a degree of development and store optimization expertise from developers and administrators.


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