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Which type of Email services is good for you ?

Email is the most critical medium of communication, and there are several types of email services is out there. It is very critical to choose the right type of Email service for you.  In this article, I will cover all types of email services available and which will help you to select the right one for you.

Here is the list of the type of email solution :

  1. Free Email Service Public Domain
  2. Shared Hosting Email Service.
  3. Free Business Email Services.
  4. Business Email Solution.
  5. Cloud Email Services.
  6. Enterpricess Email Solution.
  7. Mail Exchange.
type of email services

Free Email Service Public Domain

Suitable for: Individual, Personal Use.

Limitation: Public Domain.

As the name suggests these are free email services most of us use them for personal use like Gmail, Yahoo and MSN services.  These are good for personal communication and private use.
I believe we all have at least one of them.
You can create any number of email accounts the provider you choose and you can literally keep them for life with no cost at all. However, you may need to see advertising on your account and even in your inbox.

This good for personal use, but look very informal for official work. 

free email account type
Free Email Provider

Shared Email Hosting Services:

Suitable for: Individual, Personal Use, Very rare use.

Limitation: Public Domain. Shared Disk, Shared IP, Unreliable

Whenever you buy any web hosting services, Like Share Hosting Services you get email services bundled from the provider as a package.

This allows you to have your own custom email account like [email protected]

Maximum first-time website owner goes with the email services, provided with the shared hosting package.

I personally don’t recommend them to my customers.

They share IP address with other customers which are hosted on the same server.

type of email services

Get Your [email protected]

Get your email address and stand apart from freelancers.

If you have a bad neighbour the chances are you will end up sending an email to spam folder of the receiver. 

Also, the email interface is very dull and feel like outdated.

I only recommend Shared Email Hosting Services for non-critical emails.

horde email account
Screenshot for shared hosting email service

The other issue is a single point of failure, If your website goes down your email services also go down.

Sounds bad right?

Free Business Email Services

Suitable for: Individual, Personal Use, Low to moderate use.

Limitation: Disk Space, Number of accounts.

We understand the limitation of shared hosting email services due to which Netspace (India) give free business email services to our customers with every domain they book with us.

Which give higher uptime, better interface, does not depend upon shared hosting services and backed up with 4 mail servers, so even if one goes down the other three are still up.

The only thing which is limited here is the disk space, You get 100 MB of space for each account and you can create a maximum of 2 email accounts with every domain name you own with us.

The space limitation can be overcome if you configure outlook and keep a copy of your emails on your local disk.

Business Email Solution

Suitable for: Individual, Personal Use, Small Company, SME.

Limitation: Less Control over advance email rules

Business Email Solution is extended version of Free Business Email Solution with 5 GB of Disk space/ Per account and creates as many email account as you want (you can buy a number of email account as per requirements)


5GB Storage + Backup

In addition to 5GB mail storage, your emails are backed up in our state-of-the-art infrastructure so that you never lose important mails.

Intuitive and Responsive Design

Beautifully designed and delivered with the power of OpenXchange. You can also access your email on your smartphone or tablet.

Business email solution

100% Uptime and Security

Our Industry-grade mail storage guarantees zero data loss and redundancy, along with 100% network uptime.

Cloud Email Services

Suitable for: Individual, Personal Use, Small Company, SME.

Limitation: Less Control over advance email rules, No control over your data, Expensive.

A company like Gmail and Microsoft does provide email solution hosted in the cloud like Gsuite which gives the power of sharing data, files and collaborates with other coworker and team.

However, they are expensive compared to other option available in the market.

Enterprise Email Solution

Suitable for:  SME & Enterprise

Limitation: Less Control over advance email rules,  Expensive.

With 25GB of Email storage and an added 5GB for files, you will never run out of space. Powered by Open Xchange, it is all backed-up in our state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Enterprise Email Solution allows Quick sharing of Calendars, Contacts, Files and Tasks with other users.
But, this is an expensive service and only recommend for the enterprise.

Mail Exchange

Suitable for:  SME & Enterprise

Limitation:  Expensive, difficult to setup and manage.

This is the god of all types of email services, gives you full control of your emails and users.  You can basically do and configure any type rules you can think of.
But need a well-skilled system administrator to setup and manage these kinds of mail exchange. some of the Mail exchange services are Microsoft Exchange, mailenable and outlook exchange.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below and I will be happy to answer your query.


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