Understanding SSD Hosting & VPS with SSD

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Understanding SSD Hosting & VPS with SSD
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Understanding SSD Hosting & VPS with SSD

Shashi kant Pandidhar

Understanding SSD Drive:

An SSD does much the same job functionally like traditional hard disk (HDD) but is does not have any physical moving object like heads in traditional HDD.  SSD also save your data while the system is off, booting your system, etc. as an HDD. but instead of a magnetic coating on top of platters, the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain the data even when there’s no power present.  but dont get confused with USB thumb drive, These flash memory chips differ from the flash memory in USB thumb drives in the type and speed of the memory. That’s the subject of a totally separate technical treatise, but suffice it to say that the flash memory in SSDs is faster and more reliable than the flash memory in USB thumb drives. SSDs are consequently more expensive than USB thumb drives for the same capacities.

Understaing SSD Hosting :

We always like us to call fastest hosting company in india that is one of the reason all our servers comes with SSD drive these mean all our Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting plans are SSD Hosting, which mean even in shared environment you will get faster speed compare to traditional hosting provider without any extra cost.

All our VPS hosting are SSD base which means all our VPS servers are SSD Hosting VPS

illustration bellow explain everything in a nutshell

SSD Hosting

VPS SSD Hosting

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